Aug 31, 2021
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All the power of the Russians at 62 points: Published a secret CIA report on Russia

In the United States, a secret CIA report on Russia has been published, which has been hidden from the public for over 60 years. American analysts then warned Washington that the Russians are literally “rushing forward.” They listed all the strengths of our country, it turned out 62 points.

The document, drawn up by the Central Intelligence Agency of the United States of America and dated July 21, 1959, contains a detailed assessment of the level of development of science and technology in the USSR. The text of the document, which took 25 pages, notes the colossal changes that have occurred in our country over the past 30 years at that time.

The authors argue that the Russians were able to create a solid foundation for scientific and technological progress, and this despite the fact that 30 years ago, Russia was technically extremely underdeveloped.

The Americans also compared the level of spending on science in the United States and Russia. But at the same time, the Russians spend at least two-thirds of this amount on the defense sector. As a result of the Russians’ accomplishments in some military and industrial areas, they often even surpass those of the Americans.

Experts note in the report that Russian scientists are especially strong in physics, mathematics, and geophysical sciences. The authors warn that major advances await Russia in these areas. In total, the document contains 62 points, on the basis of which the authors conclude that in the near future the USSR can achieve world leadership in many scientific areas.

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