Jan 11, 2021
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All-Russian Renovation: A Law for Developers?

All-Russian Renovation: A Law for Developers?

The State Duma adopted a law on “all-Russian renovation”.

The authorities are strenuously emphasizing that it is aimed at accelerating resettlement from dilapidated and dilapidated housing in Russian regions. Opponents, however, insist that it de facto presupposes a “home seizure” and is comparable in terms of scandalousness to the pension reform.

The document, according to critics, allows local authorities to approve plans for the demolition and reconstruction of almost any, not just emergency housing, if two-thirds of the owners or tenants of apartments agree. The law will make it possible to include all houses in the demolition program, since any wear and tear of any building, if the official wishes, can be fixed the very next day after the building is put into operation. This possibility arises if the building falls within the boundaries of the complex development area of ​​the residential area.

“If a person is not satisfied with the housing offered to him in exchange (in settlements, without transport, or simply unsuitable for life) or he does not agree with monetary compensation for his apartment (for example, if he can only buy a dog kennel), the regional government, otherwise and in general the developer will receive his property in court (45 days after his notification), – the well-known political scientist, Doctor of Economics, Mikhail Delyagin, is outraged. “Considering that, thanks to the filigree policy of the authorities, most regions have no money, never had and will not have money, citizens of the Russian Federation will probably be thrown into the barracks-“ human men ”or in general on the streets with negligible monetary compensation.”

Deputy Oleg Shein compared the law with the pension reform – in terms of its destructive effect and degree of cynicism. A dozen of his amendments were rejected by the “party of power”, although it was reasonable to suggest supplementing the draft with a provision that the “territory of complex development” invented in someone’s selfish interests cannot contradict the General Plan of the municipality drawn up earlier.

He also explained that with the approval of the so-called All-Russian renovation, developers will no longer be obliged to preserve or take into account the location of park zones, historical quarters, places of future road junctions, grounds for schools and kindergartens …

“The head of the region, without the consent of the local authorities, can conclude an agreement with a private firm on the transfer of entire micro-districts for development, including those with non-emergency houses,” the deputy says. “At the same time, the so-called investor can be in debt as in silk, including to his own employees on salaries.”

Shein warns citizens that the new law is “the right to take over your homes, completely disregarding urban development strategies.”

Renovation in translation from Latin is “the process of improvement, reconstruction, restoration without destroying the integrity of the structure.” This is exactly what the authorities in the EU countries do in the areas of multi-apartment buildings from the times of socialism: renovation does not mean the demolition of housing, but its renewal – a complete replacement of internal communications and roofs, reconstruction of facades to keep buildings warm. And citizens (if they want) then continue to live in the same place, in the same environment, familiar and comfortable. This is their approach. Our tenants are distributed by the bad will of the renovators. Like, let the “people of men” rejoice too!

Getting acquainted with the new law, I involuntarily recalled the children’s fairy tale “The Adventures of Cipollino”. Its author managed to look from distant sunny Italy into today’s gloomy Russia and describe its realities, which were difficult to imagine 30-40 years ago. There is a plot there, how a big boss, with some kind of foolishness, evicts a certain godfather Pumpkin from a tiny house … In the finale of “The Adventures of Cipollino,” the former Signor Tomato works as an assistant to the gardener’s godfather Pumpkin. Plants cabbage, cuts the grass and occasionally complains about fate. And the castle of Countesses Cherry became the Children’s Palace. Or does this only happen in fairy tales?

Grigory Alekseev.

Photo: agency “Moscow”.

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