Nov 19, 2021
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All creative people share common traits and behaviors.

All creative people share common traits and behaviors.

Are you a creative person? 19 characteristics

All creative people share common traits and behaviors. Will you be able to recognize yourself on this list of 19 items?

1. Their mind never rests

The creative mind is a constantly working machine that is fueled by curiosity all the time. There is no way to pause or disable it. This allows you to continuously search for new ideas.

2. They challenge established standards

There are two questions that creative people ask more often than others: “what if …” and “why not …”. Few people are able to question established norms and challenge themselves to change them. Creative people are ready to go for it. They don’t let fear stop them.

3. They value their individuality.

Creative people prefer to be real rather than popular. They are true to themselves, do not follow the ideas of others. They primarily strive to realize their vision, even if others do not understand them.

4. It is difficult for them to do one thing

Creative brains strive for diversity. They quickly get bored with doing the same type of business. As soon as they feel it, they immediately try to find something new and exciting.

5. They have noticeable productivity drops.

Creativity is a periodic process. Sometimes productivity is at a minimum, sometimes it is high, and sometimes it is simply impossible to keep a creative person. Each period is important and cannot be ignored.

6. They need sources of inspiration

It is impossible to go around the whole country by car without refueling. Creative people also need to feed their souls and minds with inspiration. Therefore, they sometimes feel that they need to change the environment, be alone and find inspiration.

7. To create, they need the right environment.

To unleash their full creativity, they need to be in the right environment. This can be a studio, a cafe or a secluded corner in an apartment. Creative people need the right space to bring their ideas to life.

8. They are 100% focused.

When it comes to creation, they disconnect from the world and completely immerse themselves in the process. They cannot work on several tasks at once, because it is constantly distracting them. If interrupted, it is difficult for them to regain their previous level of concentration.

9. They are more sensitive than the rest

Creativity is the expression of a person’s feelings and emotions. It is impossible to create a picture without feeling its content. To bring their ideas to life, a creative person must first deeply feel it.

10. They live somewhere on the verge of joy and depression.

Because of their sensitivity, creative people can move very quickly from being happy to feeling overwhelmed and vice versa. The depth of feelings is the secret of their genius, but it is also a source of suffering.

11. They make history out of everything

They rarely operate on dry facts. They usually take longer to explain their thoughts. It is important for them to accurately convey their feelings.

12. They face fear every day.

Every morning a creative person wakes up with the thought that he needs to develop. He is looking for new solutions to problems. He is scared at the thought that he does not have enough ability to achieve something more. Regardless of the degree of success, this fear never disappears. They just learn to fight it.

13. They don’t separate their personality from their work.

Creative work always contains the essence of the author. Creative people do not separate their creations and their personalities, so any criticism is perceived as personal condemnation or approval.

14. They find it difficult to believe in themselves.

Even a confident person often asks the question: “Am I good enough?” Creative people constantly compare themselves to others, more often than not, they believe that they are inferior to the skill of others, even when everyone says the opposite.

15. They have developed intuition.

One of the most important features of a creative person is a developed intuition. They know how to listen to their heart and not be afraid to follow its advice.

16. They use laziness for good

Creative people tend to be lazy. However, they use their laziness and procrastination to their advantage. Most work more efficiently under pressure. They deliberately postpone tasks until the deadline in order to recognize the urgency and get the job done quickly.

17. They find it difficult to complete projects

In the beginning, they experience new emotions, they advance quickly. This is what a creative person loves. However, it is quite difficult for them to finish the project, because by the middle they do not feel any pleasure, and the process slows down. They want to switch to something that will trigger a new surge of emotion.

18. They see patterns better than others.

Not everyone can find patterns where they are not obvious. A creative person can create a working strategy when everyone is convinced that this is not possible.

19. They don’t grow up

A creative person prefers to look at the world through the eyes of a child, to experience childish curiosity. For them, life is a mystery, an adventure in which they discover something new over and over again. Life without this is a joyless existence for them.

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