May 2, 2021
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“All About Dogs”: Major Biden goes berserk, throws himself at everyone, including women

Photo: US President Joe Biden for a walk with his dogs

Photo: US President Joe Biden for a walk with his dogs (Photo: Zuma / TASS)

The American magazine Politico, within the framework of the special project “Bidenology”, published an interesting article – “This is not a dog.” At first glance, it may be of interest only to fans of pets. The fact is that the previously calm shepherd dog of the owner of the White House, named Major, began to rush at people and even bite them.

The major, according to CNN, on March 8 injured an unnamed White House security officer with his bite. Press secretary Jen Psaki tried to justify the aggression of Biden’s pet by acclimatization to new conditions and to new people, and also in every possible way to downplay the significance of the incident. Just think, the dog snatched someone.

But Psaki did not answer the question about the state of the victim of the attack. However, observers assessed this incident as dangerous, as the dog was urgently transferred to another location. However, for a short time: Biden greatly missed his shepherd dog, even lost sleep and appetite.

But soon Biden’s dog was again involved in another bite incident, which even required medical attention. On the South Lawn of the White House, a shepherd dog attacked an employee of the National Park Service. Michael LaRos, a spokeswoman for the first lady told CNN that the dog “is still adjusting to its new surroundings … yes, Major bit someone while walking …”.

Biden was forced to make excuses for the aggression of his dog, however, he did it in his own way. When asked directly why his shepherd dog bites, and even so that people need medical help, the president replied: “… He is a cute dog. Eighty-five percent of the people out there love him. He just… all he does is lick them and wag his tail… ”.

In this regard, Politico has invited celebrities and seasoned trainers who have written bestsellers and starred in hit TV shows on the topic “All About Dogs” to discuss the Major’s behavior. They all agreed on one thing: given the former calm behavior of the Shepherd, which was previously surrounded by many strangers, and in different places, the White House today is “a place full of tension,” and Biden is in an extremely stressful state.

Experienced dog handler Larry Krohn explained to Politico magazine: “Behavior (of a shepherd dog, previously unnoticed in aggression), regardless of whether it is good or bad, is formed in the environment in which the dog lives. Where she spends her time. The people she spends time with. ” According to him, today “the Major’s behavior is based on fear and insecurity”, which were passed on to the shepherd from the owner.

You could say this: the US President is very afraid of something and therefore very nervous. Moreover, he withdraws into himself and needs his dog, and even more than the people around him. Experts on the so-called “Bidenology” point out that Biden has never actually been “psychotic” before. The old and experienced politician was always in control.

It is quite possible that we are even talking about preparations for war, which, of course, negatively affects the state of mind of people who make such decisions. For example, on March 16, 2003, on the eve of the invasion of Iraq, Bush Jr in a phone call to the then prime minister of Britain carried such a blizzard that Tony Blair just taken aback, to say the least.

Several transcripts of that strange in every sense of the conversation are circulating on the Web. There are also downright shocking transcripts, which, although they raise doubts, but, curiously, have not yet been refuted by Bush and Blair.

Be that as it may, but sources close to the former British Prime Minister claim that the extremely excited Blair after Bush’s call said literally the following: he had just talked with “a man from above.” What was seen as a “conversation with the Almighty”, after which the “enlightened” Tony converted to Catholicism. The Medium portal even cited its version of the conversation between the then owner of Downing Street, the 10th and 43rd President of the United States.

Bush: Hi.

Blair: Hi George.

Bush: It’s God, says (beat). This is God.

Blair: God?

Bush: Yeah, sort of from the Bible? (pause, loud snort). Ooh! Ho-Liya war. Tony? Tony, are you still here?

Blair: Yes …

Well, and then everything was more or less digestible. This transcript may be fake, but Sarah Helm, whose husband was the prime minister’s chief of staff, also spoke about this unusual call, during which Blair occasionally laughed inadequately.

Presidents and prime ministers, although they rule entire countries, remain ordinary people who fall into a stupor when making fateful decisions. They get lost, do stupid things, talk nonsense, laugh like crazy.

Once again, it is possible that dog handler Larry Kron, explaining Major’s aggression by Biden’s stressful state and hassle in the White House, opened the curtain behind which the work on preparations for war is in full swing. Oddly enough, even the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan may indirectly testify in favor of this version.

Against whom the Yankees are preparing a strike is still unknown. The American establishment has a whole list of countries that Washington would gladly grind to dust.

For example, the analytical magazine National Interest recalls that even as a presidential candidate, Joe Biden said that he would consider the possibility of using military force to prevent North Korean tests. Some experts recently argued about the same: that the United States should prevent North Korea from testing its new “monster missile” with limited strikes.

The Yankees also have a grudge against the Chinese. But one must understand that the United States presents all its aggressive wars exclusively as defensive ones. Say, they offended our weak allies.

In this regard, many Western experts drew attention to the admiral’s statement Philip Davidson, by the way, the commander of all American troops in the Asia-Pacific region. He stated at a Senate hearing that “China may invade Taiwan in the next six years.” And if that happens, there will be war. Clear business, good. This means that you can hit first in order to minimize casualties.

However, in the PRC they are sure that the Americans do not have the guts to attack the Celestial Empire. According to Chinese analyst Alex Lo, “many Chinese overestimate the political rhetoric and actions of Washington in the South China Sea. This is just one of the three main theaters of political and possible military confrontation. The other two theaters of war are Eastern Europe and the Black Sea against Russia, and the Persian Gulf and the rest of the Middle East against Iran. “

It is striking that Biden, barely finding himself in the White House, found himself under the strongest fire of Russophobes, moreover, even more powerful than his predecessor Trump

US Senator Lindsay Graham expressed the general view of the Stars and Stripes establishment that the main danger to America comes from Russia. The fact is that Moscow has no fear of Washington: “No one in Russia is afraid of Joe Biden. No one in the world is afraid of Joe Biden, and it is dangerous for us here at home, ”laments Graham. Try to protect a multinational business. Previously, one call was enough for the other end of the line to give way to the interlocutor. After all, “God calls.”

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