Oct 23, 2021
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Alisa Vox spoke about her departure from the Leningrad group


Singer Alisa Vox said that Shnurov destroyed her.

The blonde worked in the group for about four years and left with a scandal. According to Alisa Vox, she is tired of enduring gossip and intrigue from other members of Leningrad.

In 2012, Alisa joined the group to replace the soloist Yulia Kogan, who was leaving on maternity leave. Over time, the members of the musical group did not want to let go of the talented vocalist and left her with them on a permanent basis. Only Kogan began to weave intrigues against Vox.

“TOWhen Yulia returned from her decree, she treated me very badly. Coincidentally, at that time my mother, who had cancer, died. I posted this information on Facebook, because despite our difficult relationship, it shocked me, hit the nervous system. Still, mom is our second sun. And now, a week later, rumors spread that my mother did not die in April, but in February. But I pulled this story out just now so that they would feel sorry for me and not be kicked out of Leningrad. Such a monstrous level of intrigue, gossip, rumors knocked me down a lot. And I could hardly find the strength to come to rehearsals“, – recalled the 34-year-old artist.

Alice Vox
Alice Vox

After the antics of one of the musicians of “Leningrad” Alisa made the final decision to quit. “The last straw was that the band’s drummer, during a break between branches, instead of going to the toilet, pee in a bottle in the corner of the dressing room, where only he and I were. I believe that this is unacceptable even in such a shocking group as “Leningrad”. Still, there are norms of human behavior, you don’t have to be a pig. I remember how I asked him: “Why didn’t you go on stage and urinate there?” To which he replied: “Well, there are people there, and there is a woman in the hall.” “Cool! So I’m not a man or a woman“, – I said,” – recalled the performer.

The singer did not have a relationship with the leader of the group, Sergei Shnurov. He, according to her, only found an excuse to humiliate her.

Whoever has more subscribers is right, so, of course, Shnurov took advantage of his media advantage and practically destroyed me. I cannot forgive him for this, since this is an abuse of authority, social status. We can say that Cord finished off the lying one, which is completely unmanly“, – she admitted.

Today Alisa Vox is collaborating with producer Iosif Prigogine and is going to get married for the second time. True, Alice prefers to hide the identity of her chosen one from the general public.

I think everyone noticed the ring on my finger. I’m really engaged. My man is, of course, amazing. I have not met such. It’s like a yeti – you heard something about them, that they wander somewhere in the mountains, you saw their blurry pictures, but in reality you never meet him“, – said the artist in the project” Googled a Star “.

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