Feb 21, 2021
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Alisa Mon told how she received 140 thousand dollars to shoot a video for the song “Almaz”

15:58, 02/21/2021

The singer’s sponsor was producer Sergei Tokmen, who is in love with her.

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Singer Alice Mon first announced herself in the 1980s. She was known and loved by such compositions as “Plantain”, “Take My Heart”, “Hello and Goodbye”, “Warm Me” and other tracks. And the hit “Almaz” is still considered the hallmark of the star.

In the new episode of the “Secret for a Million” program, Alisa admitted that producer Sergei Tokmen gave her money to shoot a video for the song “Almaz”. And the sponsor in love with her was not stingy, donating 140 thousand dollars to Mon. At the same time, Alice herself first asked Tokmen for only 3 thousand dollars. But Sergey was fascinated by the performer and wanted to help her financially.

Video for the song “Almaz”

It is worth noting that in the end the story with the shooting of the video for the composition “Almaz” did not end very well. The fact is that Mon was produced at that time by Andrei Neklyudov, who, according to the singer, eventually deceived her and Tokmen, simply robbing them. Allegedly, for the clip, Neklyudov was able to help out “huge sums”, while Alice herself received only a thousand dollars a month.

As a result, Mon refused to cooperate with Neklyudov. After the singer tried to figure out what happened. The situation was clarified by her friend who worked at the Soyuz studio. It was there that Alice worked on her video. “My friend, who worked there, made copies of the receipts according to which Neklyudov received money – about 50 thousand a month. For such sums one could buy a good apartment. Neither Tokmen nor I knew about it, ”Alisa said in a frank conversation with Lera Kudryavtseva.

Sergey Tokmen

We add that Alice Mon ended up having an affair with Sergei Tokmen. But it was short-lived. And although Tokmen was literally ready to carry Alice in his arms, he offered to buy a castle in France and even an airplane, Mon eventually decided to part with her lover. By the way, Sergei is now in a very serious condition and is awaiting a donor kidney for transplant. Alisa Mon could not hold back her tears during a conversation with Kudryavtseva about Tokmen.

I must say that Alice Mon’s personal life was full of disappointments. With the first spouse Vasily Marinin she, according to the singer herself, was not bound by strong feelings. On the air of “Secret for a Million” during a video call with her ex-husband, Alice remembered that he had not given her anything. But Sergey Muravyov, who eventually became Mon’s second chosen one, courted her beautifully.

Alice Mon.

However, after the wedding, Muravyov turned from a gallant boyfriend and loving man into a domestic tyrant. He not only completely controlled Alice, depriving her of money, but also raised his hand. Once the singer even got on the operating table after another beatings. Mon several times tried to leave Sergey, but only the third time did she succeed. But now Alice recalls with horror Muravyov, who died last year of cancer.

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