Dec 30, 2020
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Alisa Freundlich’s granddaughter hospitalized

A few days ago, it became known that 86-year-old Alisa Freundlich is in the hospital with a coronavirus. According to the latest information, her condition remains grave, but stable. Now it became known that family members of the People’s Artist also fell ill, and her daughter and granddaughter were hospitalized.

Alisa Freundlich's granddaughter hospitalized

“This year was special, very difficult for all of us in every sense. And if yesterday I thought that we were spending it, we would like to thank for everything that he taught us and what he tested, and we will meet a New, different year, then now my dreams remain dreams. This is the first holiday when my family will meet it in a completely different reality. But even in such a difficult time, fate decreed that we were together. I, mother, grandmother Alice “, – wrote Anna Tarasova.

By the way, according to doctors, Alisa Freundlich’s condition is aggravated by her long-term nicotine addiction.

Alisa Freundlich's granddaughter hospitalized

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