Apr 26, 2021
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Alisa Arshavina, who moved a serious illness, appeared in Malakhov’s studio

The former woman of footballer Andrei Arshavin, Alisa, first appeared in the studio of a federal television channel after being diagnosed with a serious illness.

Alisa Arshavina, who moved a serious illness, appeared in Malakhov's studio

It has long been famous that 38-year-old Alisa Arshavina does not leave the hospital walls because of autoimmune necrosis of the frontal lobe, which literally disfigured her face – the woman’s nose was filled up. She also postponed the operation due to peritonitis and had a coronavirus.

Earlier, Alice fell into a coma, however, fortunately, the doctors were able to bring her back to life. The other day the ex-wife of the footballer appeared in the studio of Andrei Malakhova and met with participation in his program “Straight air”, where she told about everything she had experienced in the rest of the time.

Alice did not try to hide from the audience the disagreeable changes that happened to her appearance. In addition, Alice can hardly dance to move, Andrei Malakhov had to help the woman go out to the cameras. “I can pull myself into my hands and return to life,” the woman said with confidence, absolute optimism.

She frankly admitted that the former faithful and his mother had ruined her life. Earlier, the footballer’s mother Tatyana Ivanovna gave an interview in which she stated that the former daughter-in-law deserves all the disasters that fell on her, because, according to her, the daughter-in-law was involved in the misappropriation of a million euros from her son.

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