Jan 4, 2022
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Alina Zagitova showed underwear


Figure skater Alina Zagitova demonstrated how she dresses at the ice show.

“Red ballerina” of figure skating Alina Zagitova is actively microblogging on Instagram. There, the star shows how her weekdays and holidays, work and performances, training and leisure time with friends go by.

While many are resting, Zagitova works hard. The champion is involved in the show of Tatiana Navka and is now skating at the play “The Scarlet Flower”. Alina showed how the costumes change, which she needs to show several for the production, in her story.

Alina Zagitova in underwear
Alina Zagitova in underwear

In order not to take off the skates every time, the artist’s outfits are put on all at once. It turns out a volumetric layering, but there is simply no other way – there is simply no time to lace up the skates every time.

One dress, another, a skirt, another dress – and layer by layer, each hem rose above the skater’s head. Zagitova was not ashamed of this whole process to demonstrate that she has yellow underwear under her skirt – these are special concert pants that everyone sees at the performance one way or another.

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