Oct 11, 2021
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Alina Zagitova commented on her scandal with journalists


Figure skater Alina Zagitova justified her behavior.

The other day Alina came to Kazan for the Kontinental Hockey League championship match between Ak Bars Kazan and Metallurg Magnitogorsk. When reporters were filming the reaction of the stands, Zagitova was also included in the footage. After the game, the athlete went to deal with the press and in a rude manner, mentioning great connections, asked to remove the pictures.

Disputes unfolded on the Web: someone accused journalists of incompetence and violation of personal boundaries and sympathized with Alina, and someone considered the words and actions of the skater unworthy of an Olympic champion.

Alina Zagitova
Alina Zagitova

Today Zagitova published a post on the conflict on her personal blog. Alina said that popularity has a downside, that attention everywhere and everywhere very much interferes with her, does not allow her to relax and be herself.

Alina admitted that she had long wanted to discuss this topic with fans, but always put it off on the back burner. What happened the other day pushed her to a frank conversation.

On the one hand, I feel the support and love of my fans, I am happy to take pictures and give autographs, so many warm words from you here – every day! It really energizes me. But … there is another side. They hate me in comments on the Web, the media take it apart by the bones, what I said, put on, where I went, there is no privacy, and my boundaries are often quite rudely violated … What I want to say. Any situation has two sides. Each of us is a living person who can and should defend our personal boundaries“, – concluded the 19-year-old figure skater.

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