Sep 4, 2022
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Alika Smekhova showed a chic figure in a bikini, which Guzeeva envied


Actress and singer Alika Smekhova published a candid photo in a bikini, arousing the admiration of even her colleagues.

Alika Smekhova, like many stars this year, decided to spend the summer in public – and posted on her blog on social networks a picture posing in a bold bikini.

Summer, come on, goodbye!”- the actress accompanied her post.

Alika Smekhova
Alika Smekhova

Alika Smekhova, 54, was suspected by many of being overly fond of Photoshop. Well, few people can come to terms with the fact that a woman in her sixties can look so chic. The actress showed an absolutely honest photo in a swimsuit and proved to all subscribers that she really is in great shape.

Wow! Fire girl!”- admired and even slightly envied her colleague Larisa Guzeeva. “Brilliant!“- Olga Kabo appreciated.

Attentive fans, of course, immediately noticed the extra three hundred grams at the waist of the star and some other unevenness where young models do not have it. But this only proves that the actress is absolutely honest with her subscribers and does not apply any filters or photoshop to her photos.

Alika Smekhova
Alika Smekhova

Another thing is Anna Semenovich, who recently boasted of a photo shoot in a swimsuit, in which she flashed her luxurious forms. Yes, only attentive fans noticed a huge, simply excessive use of Photoshop: the navel swam, and the fingers look too thin. In general, the figure is too perfect: it is clear that the “master” had a hand in the pictures.

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