Sep 18, 2022
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Alien vs. Predator, or Global Britain vs. Great America

Ukrainian reflections of Anglo-Saxon contradictions

Ukraine is increasingly turning into a testing ground for a “global civil war,” where the interests of global “monarchist authoritarians” and global “republican democrats” clash like Alien and Predator. The first want to see the planet under a single control, the second – under the control of the world “parliament” with the factions of various regions and TNCs represented in it.

This confrontation is already taking place both on a regional and global scale, and within the leading powers (for example, the Trumpists against the Democrats in the United States). It also splits the Anglo-Saxon world, taking on the features of confrontation between the projects of Global Britain and Great America (“Let’s Make America Great Again”, Make America Great Again– campaign slogan Trump).

Relations between Britain and the United States are traditionally considered “special” – allegedly the elites of the two countries interact perfectly with each other. However, in recent years there have been more and more contradictions between them. And under the new British King Charles III and Prime Minister Liz Truss, they threaten to go bad.

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No wonder Liz Truss, not even having time to take the chair of the British Prime Minister, has already caused another scandal with anti-Washington overtones, directly raising the question: what is special about Britain’s relations with the United States? It turns out that in the trade sphere, Britain already has much more profitable agreements with Canada, Japan and even Mexico than with the United States. Washington is no longer an important partner for London. Especially in conditions when the US authorities refuse to establish trade with Britain after BREXIT.

The researchers note that the elites and the old money of Britain have always held a grudge against the American “upstarts” who took away their influence after the Second World War. The author of the term “geoeconomics”, a well-known British expert Edward Luttwak, speaks about the inhabitants of the United States as follows: “Americans this is a group of ungrateful colonists who rebelled against the English king“. This is the quintessence of the attitude of the British elites towards the Americans. Well, the local elites treat the British accordingly, with all the smiles and mutual pats on the shoulder. In addition, the Americans do not forget that in their entire history, Great Britain turned out to be the only country that managed to attack the United States and their capital Washington, capture them, occupy them, and burn the White House along with the documents of US independence from London.

The capture and burning of Washington and the White House by the British August 24, 1814

Today, the Anglo-Saxon Aliens and Predators have accumulated a lot of contradictions over the issue of Ukraine. For example, Truss’s recent calls for a “Marshall Plan for Kyiv” have elicited only ridicule in the United States. Say, it is definitely not Britain that plans to pay for it. There are significant differences in terms of strategy. The United States wants to support the Ukrainian regime in order to weaken Russia, but only as long as this possibility remains. Britain loudly promises to fight to the “victory end”, and not with their own hands and not with their weapons.

This split also takes place among the puppets of the Anglo-Saxons in Kyiv. Two groups of influence have formed in the leadership there: the British-oriented office of the president, headed by Zelensky and Yermak, and the pro-American group, which has grown significantly after the appointment of US Ambassador Bridget Brink to Kyiv. The most influential figure among those oriented towards Washington is Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Zaluzhny.

Between these groups, at the suggestion and with the support of Western curators, a real war has been unfolding since the summer. While in PR-format. The “pro-British” media supporting Zelensky and the president’s office are seeking to blame the failures on the military command. In turn, propaganda mouthpieces focused on the US Embassy cast Zaluzhny in a more favorable light than Zelensky. European publications are also actively involved in the information war. For example, the German Bild is already calling Zaluzhny the future president of Ukraine, and on the video with congratulations on Independence Day, he looks like a kind, loving commander, whose speech is consonant with the words of ordinary soldiers from the front line, and not the future Ukrainian Pinochet.

Back in the middle of summer in Kyiv, they started talking about the possible creation of a military council that would take over the leadership of the country during the war. Of course, Zaluzhny will lead the military council. In fact, it would be Washington’s favorite soft military coup of the Latin American type. If the United States decides to take seriously the large-scale rearmament of Ukraine and turn the conflict into a long-term one, they will need political control, which will have to be provided by a military junta led by Zaluzhny.

In the meantime, plans to create a military council are being used to put pressure on Zelensky, who has not only the powers of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief, but also the support of London. In the context of an attempt to seize the initiative, one should also consider the decision to attack the Armed Forces of Ukraine near Kharkov, which came precisely from the President’s office. While preparing it, the pro-British group initially allowed even a small military defeat in order to accelerate the creation of the Polish-Ukrainian Intermarium under the auspices of Global Britain.

If the British line takes over, the front line of the NWO should not only gain a foothold, but also cut Russia off from Europe, turning into a “cordon sanitaire” with which Britain will significantly increase its zone of influence. Liz Truss plays a key role in these plans.

According to euronewsTruss started with the Liberal Democratic Party, was a supporter of the elimination of the monarchy, moved to the Labor Party, then ended up among the Conservatives, was an opponent of BREXIT, to later turn out to be an ardent supporter of the UK leaving the EU, now an ardent supporter of the war against Russia … This political weather vane will definitely enter into world history, if there is someone to finish this story. She has already entered our history by saying to Russian Foreign Minister S. Lavrov that “Britain will never recognize Russian sovereignty over the Rostov and Voronezh regions“.

Liz Truss and the new British monarch hope that Republicans will come to power in the United States. That is, Biden and the Democrats in Washington can simply sit out. In the meantime, she wants to negotiate bypassing Washington directly with the Republican states. And, most likely, he will bet on Trump or DeSantis (Governor of Florida).

The plans of the American authorities are quite different. The Democrats in power assume that there are still two years left before the US presidential election. And Britain is already plunging into the abyss of such energy as well as economic crisisthat no Truss in a couple of years may not be in power in London.

Head photo: REUTERS/Henry Nicholls

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