Feb 21, 2021
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Alice Mon admitted that she had eight abortions

17:00, 02/21/2021

Now the singer has only one son.

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Alice Mon’s only son was born in 1989, when the singer was already married for the second time. The star named the child Sergei in honor of his father Sergei Muravyov… As Mon said today on The Secret to a Million, the son looks like her ex-husband. Alice also said that Sergei could have brothers or sisters, but she aborted the pregnancy eight times.

“In general, I made a decision to terminate pregnancy about eight times. If not more. The funny thing is that I have always been with a spiral, but I got pregnant anyway, “Alisa Mon shared in a frank conversation with the host of the program, Lera Kudryavtseva.

Alice Mon’s only son was born in her second marriage

It is worth noting that Mon did the first three abortions in her first marriage to a guitarist Vasily Marinin… However, she did not have a strong affection for the musician, and she did not want children from him. According to Alisa herself, she perfectly understood that her marriage with Vasily would end in divorce.

It is noteworthy that today Alice Mon considers herself a bad parent. Her son Sergei, who turns 32 this year, still lives with his mother. He earns almost nothing, devoting his free time to music and rap. “I would like to see my 31-year-old son more wealthy. But I don’t think there is any fault of mine, ”said the performer.

Alisa remembered that when Seryozha was still a child, she often disappeared on tour. She tried to compensate for her absence from her son’s life with gifts, which she brought from work trips. At this time, Mon’s parents were engaged in Sergei. It is noteworthy that Alice’s son never reproached her for always putting work in the first place. But, as Mon noted, Sergei asked her why she did not leave him with his father, Sergei Muravyov.

Recall that Alice Mon still recalls marriage with Muravyov with horror. He appeared in her life when she was still with Marinin. Sergey beautifully looked after the singer and, unlike her husband, gave gifts. Mon eventually married Muravyov, but immediately after the wedding, he changed. If before marriage, Sergei was ready to idolize the artist, then after the official registration of the relationship he began to humiliate and beat her. Alice could not manage her money on her own, endured beatings and at the same time remained with Muravyov. Once she even had to perform for a whole month with a plaster cast on her leg after another beatings and subsequent operations.

Shot from “Secret in a Million”

There was another man in Mon’s life who was ready to carry her in his arms. Only unlike Muravyov, from whom Alice eventually fled along with her three-year-old son at that time, the new lover really supported the artist. It is thanks to Sergey Tokmin Mon was able to shoot a video for her hit “Almaz”. Sergei was ready to give Alice a castle in France, but she eventually left him.

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