Oct 12, 2020
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Alibasov and Fedoseeva-Shukshina: why did they cancel the divorce?

Alibasov and Fedoseeva-Shukshina: why did they cancel the divorce?

You will not get bored with them! The producer of the Na-na group and his famous wife are constantly throwing up topics for discussion.

Until recently, they were going to get divorced, but changed their minds! Why suddenly?

Bari Alibasov and Lydia Fedoseeva-Shukshina do not leave the agenda: they constantly sort things out and share something, connecting family and friends. And at the same time the whole country, since they bring their internal problems to talk shows with a million audience.

It seemed to everyone that soon this hectic period would end for them, because Alibasov filed for divorce. That is, he seems to have decided to put an end to his high-profile story with Lydia Nikolaevna. But it turned out that it was an ellipsis. Bari Karimovich suddenly announced that the divorce was canceled. And this came as a surprise even to his lawyer, who only learned from the TV show that the client had changed his mind.

- He argued that he and Lydia Nikolaevna love each other and do not want to divorce, - lawyer Sergei Zhorin told us. - In fact, this is a common situation, and not only among public people, but also among ordinary citizens. Strong feelings can transform from love to hate, and vice versa. In our practice, there are cases when during the divorce proceedings people reconcile and then live together happily ever after. It happens that they reconcile, but then they still return to the issue of divorce. And it happens that they converge and diverge more than once! That's life. And this suggests that there are some feelings. That is why it makes no sense to assume how everything will turn out for Alibasov and Fedoseeva-Shukshina in the future and what will happen to their marriage in a couple of months.

Now they are doing well, and God grant them health and happiness. They, however, have not suspended the process of the disputed apartment. But now, having reconciled, they, I think, will be able to agree on something. Because both Lydia Nikolaevna and Bari Karimovich are at the age when the property component fades into the background.

I think that Lydia Nikolaevna filed a lawsuit not because she really needs that apartment. She was just surprised and upset that this apartment became owned by a third party. But maybe they will now, together with Bari Karimovich, solve this problem. And here I want to say a few words about Lydia Nikolaevna. She is a great fellow in my eyes: a wise woman who was able to separate the main and the secondary. There was a lot of negativity from different sides. But she rejected all unnecessary, found the right words, went to meet. I believe this is an example of how a woman should communicate with a man.

Lyubov Morozova.


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