Dec 30, 2020
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Alexey Vorobyov was included in the rating of the most attractive men in the world, beating Keanu Reeves

08:46, 12/30/2020

The 32-year-old artist was ranked 33rd on the list of 100 people.

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Alexei Vorobyov is known not only as a Russian hit singer, but also as an actor who is remembered for his roles in the TV series “Deffchonki”, “Three Musketeers” and “Ekaterina”. For several years now, the artist has been successfully developing his Hollywood career. This year, Steven Carell’s comedy series Space Forces was released on Netflix, in which Alexei played the role of a Russian serviceman. At the end of 2020, Vorobyov began work on an American biopic. Reagan, one of the roles played by Angelina Jolie’s dad Jon Voight. The Russian star plays the president of our country there.

Last Wednesday, as it became known, Alexei Vorobyov was added to the list of the most attractive men in the world (100 MOST BEAUTIFUL FACES LIST). In the ranking, which included one hundred celebrities, our actor takes 33rd place, slightly behind the 27-year-old son of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver Patrick. It is noted that the star of the “Space Forces” left far behind such world famous people as Keanu Reeves, who took only 98th place, Daniel Radcliffe, Jamie Dornan, Michael Fassbender, Dwayne Johnson and Chris Evans.

Alexey Vorobyov took 33rd place in the top 100 most attractive stars in the world

Note that the top 100 most attractive men, since 1990, is TC Candler & Independent Critics. Over the years of its existence, the ratings have collected more than eight billion views on social networks. They, according to their authors, are considered prestigious and have received worldwide recognition. It is also noted that longlisting is not a popularity contest, and we are not talking about the most famous celebrities. Rather, the rating is trying to expand public opinion, evaluating 125 thousand men from 40 countries according to criteria: aesthetic perfection, elegance, originality, courage, passion, upper class, poise, and others that this or that person embodies.

It should be added that this year Vorobyov made a leap not only to Hollywood. His personal life is also undergoing changes. Although the movie star prefers not to talk about her. This year there were rumors that the actor secretly married his beloved Natalya Zubareva. And at the beginning of winter, the alleged spouse of a celebrity announced that she was expecting a baby, showing a decently rounded belly in her microblog on Instagram. “You are all MY love”, – the publicist signed the photo touchingly (the author’s spelling and punctuation are given without changes – Noteed.).

Pregnant Natalya Zubareva with children from a previous marriage

We also add that Zubareva already has two children from a previous relationship. Natalia divorced her husband after ten years of marriage. And for Alexei Vorobyov, marriage to the founder of the first Academy of Health is the first. Prior to that, the actor was seen only in novels with prominent representatives of the domestic show business. He was in a relationship with Tatiana Navka, Oksana Akinshina and Victoria Daineko, and in 2016 he became the main character of the romantic reality show “The Bachelor”. For 13 weeks, the girls fought for Alexei’s heart. Natalia Gorozhanova and Yana Anosova reached the final. However, the final episode of the show shocked both the participants and the audience. Vorobyov never chose any of the finalists of the television project as his bride.

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