Apr 27, 2021
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Alexey Pushkov criticized Jen Psaki’s words about de-escalation of relations between the USA and Russia

The press secretary of the White House of Jen Psaki reported on the eve of the desire of the United States to reduce tensions in relations with Russia. Member of the Federation Council Alexei Pushkov responded to her statement.

Alexey Pushkov criticized Jen Psaki's words about de-escalation of relations between the USA and Russia

“We noticed that the US is doing everything that is attracted to the reduction of tensions. The imposition of sanctions in the distance is not their only instrument, ”wrote Alexey Pushkov in his Telegram channel.

The senator noted that Washington is also using threats to expand restrictions, deploying its anti-missile defense systems in Romania and Poland, which are directed not only against Russia, but also against Iran. In addition, the United States continues to send a regular army to the Black Sea, expels Russian diplomats, supports the mass expulsion of diplomats from the Czech Republic, and is waging a fierce struggle against Nord Stream-2, added Aleksey Pushkov.

Jen Psaki on Monday, April 26, reported that the sanctions against Russia were imposed so that “Moscow felt the consequences for its behavior”, which the United States considers “absolutely unacceptable.” With these sanctions, Washington is going to stage a de-escalation of the effort with Russia.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, at the time of the announcement of the message to the Federal Assembly, reported that in response to the provocations Moscow organizes “quick and tough response”… The organizers of these provocations “will regret it so much as if they have not spared it for a long time,” the Russian leader added.

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