Jan 7, 2022
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Alexey Panin spoke about sexual relations with men


Actor Alexei Panin made a shocking confession.

The conflict between the musician Nikita Presnyakov and the actor Alexei Panin, which grew into a battle, began, as it turns out now, with a funny verbal skirmish.

To begin with, the grandson of Alla Pugacheva said that Alexei Panin sleeps with men. As Nikita Presnyakov said, the whole country knows about the “dirty stories” in which the popular actor is involved. Here, apparently, they meant the resonant video of Panin and the dog, which thundered several years ago.

In response, Alexey Panin sent a singer in three letters. He noted that he always treated the musician well, but lately he has been behaving foolishly. As Panin said, he does what he wants. In particular, he drinks.

Alexey Panin in a thong
Alexey Panin in a thong

Why are you filming all this?“- said the grandson of Pugacheva.

Yes, I didn’t shoot! Everything that is about me was posted on the Internet – not myself. With dogs, it’s not me. With men – yes! Does it bother you? With men – not editing! What’s the problem?“, Said Alexey Panin.

Recall that Alexey Panin lost in the second round by knockout to the grandson of Alla Pugacheva. Throughout the fight, Panin found himself on the floor in a cage. He could not offer a decent resistance, according to “Sport-Express”.

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