Jan 14, 2022
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Alexey Panin spoke about his defeat to Nikita Presnyakov


The scandalous actor Alexei Panin said that all this is rudeness.

In the coming year, it became known that the terminally ill singer Nikita Presnyakov and actor Alexei Panin had a fight in the octagon. The fight took place before the New Year, but the organizers showed it only during the holidays.

The footage where Panin, according to his confession, “does Tumbler”, blew up the Network. And a flurry of hate and insults fell on the star of the film “Blind Man’s Buff” for his unsportsmanlike appearance and behavior.

Nikita Presnyakov
Nikita Presnyakov

But Panin could not stand the harassment and threw a tantrum on the Web. The first exculpatory video turned out to be diplomatic, but the second is already with foul language (that’s why we don’t publish it).

On them, the actor explains that all this is a show, but in the octagon he behaved quite with dignity and in accordance with the agreements. And the organizers showed “lies”, and called it rudeness.

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