Jan 25, 2021
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Alexey Panin responded rudely to accusations that due to drunkenness he did not engage in the funeral of his mother who died from coronavirus

08:50, 25.01.2021

Earlier, the media reported that the actor went into a binge and was unable to organize the burial of Tatyana Vlasova.

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Alexey Panin’s mother Tatiana Vlasova died of complications from coronavirus earlier this year. The 43-year-old actor did not get in touch for about a week, publishing in his microblog on Instagram the words dedicated to his deceased mother, only nine days after her death. The star “Zhmurok” touchingly honored the memory of a loved one, writing that in Vlasova’s life there were only her son and granddaughter Anna, whom she wholeheartedly loved.

Last Sunday on the NTV channel a new release of the show “The Stars Came Together” was released, in which Panin’s behavior at his mother’s grave was discussed. The plot of the program said that the artist could not properly organize the funeral of Vlasova because of the binge in which he stayed for two weeks. For help in carrying out the sad ceremony, I even had to turn to Nikita Dzhigurda, whom Alexey instructed to take care of the burial of his relative.

Alexey Panin’s mother Tatyana Vlasova

“They called me and asked: what to do, how to bury? And at some point I said: call Dzhigurda, ”the actor was quoted in the plot of the TV show. It was clarified that even at the cemetery the “Zhmurok” star appeared drunk. The behavior of a colleague caused shock among Evelina Bledans, who was present on the set, who called Panin an immoral person. “I can not understand! A man, his mother died, but he was drinking, he didn’t care, he gave it to a stranger! What is it – call Dzhigurda! Someone will bury the mother! How can you be such an immoral person! Disgustingly simple, ”said the actress.

A few hours after the release of the “Stars converged” issue, a video appeared in the microblog on Instagram of producer Andrei Razin, in which Alexei Panin spoke sharply about the fact that he had not come to his mother’s funeral. The star of the film “Zhmurki” did not restrain his emotions and took up arms against the journalists of the program. “We have just watched the program“ Stars converged ”. I really want to shout, I want to shout. Nyusya (13-year-old daughter of Panin Anna – Noteed.) just almost cried. Bledans – (hereinafter obscene. – Noteed.). I just give a face to my face, (further obscene – Noteed.) when I first see her, (further obscene – Noteed.). We agreed to participate in this program just to remember my mother. I gave an interview for 40 minutes, talked about my mother. Everything is cut out, (further obscene – Noteed.). Inverted like this! Be as scoundrels as the NTV channel! It is necessary to try! I was at my mom’s funeral! I buried my mom! But it turns out that Nikita Dzhigurda buried her, ”Panin expressed his indignation.

Alexey Panin and his daughter spoke out sharply about the show “Stars converged”

It is worth noting that Alexei was not shy about expressing himself in the presence of his daughter, who also had something to answer about what she and her father heard on the TV program. The girl commented on the conflict with her mother Yulia Yudintseva, who fought with Panin for custody of the child for ten years. Family showdowns more than once became the center of attention of “Stars converged”, and three years ago even Tatyana Vlasova came to the studio of the show, who defended her son and spoke about his tender relationship with her daughter.

“How many times have I said that I do not want to communicate with my mother. That this is my choice. I personally blocked it. Mom does not show any initiative, and dad does not forbid me. Nobody can force me to communicate with her. And these people began to discuss that I needed to be forced to do it. They start to say that Eve, my dad’s wife, will be a bad stepmother to me. They are all advisers there, all smart. I just don’t understand why someone decides for me what I want to do, ”Anna Panina said in a video published by Andrei Razin.

Note that yesterday it also became known that Alexei Panin had a new life partner before the New Year. Eva Tarlakyan came to visit the co-host of Lera Kudryavtseva Anton Privolniy and told that the actor is very worried about the loss. “Of course, he is very worried, he was very close to his mother. Mom supported him always and in everything, she did a lot for him. I want to emphasize that he does not drink, ”his 40-year-old wife commented on rumors about Panin’s drinking.

The new wife of Alexei Panin

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