May 29, 2022
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Alexey Panin publicly insulted the famous singer


Actor Alexei Panin attacked Yulia Chicherina.

The artist attacked the singer with criticism and did not hesitate to pick up harsh expressions against her. The star of the film “Zhmurki” condemned the performer for the opposite position in relation to the situation in the world.

The infamous Alexei Panin, who has been living with his daughter in Spain for many years, continues to monitor the situation in the world. The day before, he spoke sharply about the installation of the tablet in Melitopol. Yulia Chicherina took part in the replacement of the entrance sign. The singer came under a flurry of insults from the 44-year-old actor.

Shame on the whole world! It’s a shame to have the same Russian passport with them! A creature named Yulia Chicherina. Calling her a girl does not even turn the tongue. It is a creature…“, – said the artist in his Telegram channel.

Alexey Panin - photo from the archive -
Alexey Panin – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

The actor has repeatedly said that he does not associate himself with Russia, but at the same time continues to comment on what is happening in the country. Two years ago, Panin received a residence permit in Spain. About the acting career abroad, and more recently in the Russian Federation, the star of the movie “Blind Man’s Buff” had to be forgotten. In Europe, most of the time he relaxes and sunbaths on the beaches. In addition, the artist complained of financial problems due to the loss of sources of income.

I can’t say that I like everything in Spain, France or America. I like something in Spain, something in France, something I like in Russia. But to say that I feel that this is my homeland is not. Don’t laugh at me, but I’m probably more of a man of the world”, the star of the series previously shared.

Alexey recently spent the night on one of the streets of Rome. He spoke about this in his microblog, while noting that he was completely happy to do what he wants.

I can afford to be the way I want and not pay attention to what they say about me behind my back. I live! I am free! It’s awesome. Slept under these gates. You only need to write down the address so that in 20 years you can come here and look at this place. The local homeless took me for one of their own. With a bottle of little prosecco and a backpack“, – said the artist.

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