May 30, 2022
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Alexey Panin made an English couple happy


Actor Alexei Panin spoke about his feat.

The artist shared his pride in his Telegram channel. As it turned out, the actor helped a couple of Englishmen by returning their wallet with documents. The Russian artist said that he was driving down the street and saw people’s wallets fall out. Picking it up, he realized that there was money and important documents inside, so he hurried to return the loss, which greatly satisfied the British.

According to Panin, foreigners were in seventh heaven when they learned that he had returned a valuable item to them. “They were happy” says the star. They began to thank him in a foreign language, but the actor did not understand them well. He proudly declared that he was Russian. Alexey noted that he was very proud to say these words, because he did something good for people. He also added that the British were so happy and grateful to him that they even offered him money, but the actor refused.

Alexey Panin - photo from the archive -
Alexey Panin – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

Recently, the star of the movie “Blind Man’s Blind” lives in Spain, where he emigrated not so long ago. The artist actively maintains a microblog, where he often criticizes the Russians and the Russian government. With particular force, he began to do this after the start of a special operation in Ukraine. Because of this, a lot of hate hit the actor.

By the way, the actor had ill-wishers even before this whole story. The fact is that Panin is known for his vulgar antics. For example, photos and videos of a sexual nature with the participation of an actor have repeatedly hit the network. He also admitted to having affairs with men and participating in orgies.

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