Jan 7, 2022
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Alexey Panin justified his defeat in the ring


Actor Alexei Panin lost the fight to Nikita Presnyakov to smithereens.

The artist said that after the fight with the musician Nikita Presnyakov, he focused on his teeth, which were badly damaged. The video of the battle appeared on the Nashe Delo Rutube channel.

This is my first time in the ring, I did what I could. Let’s get rid of the professional fighters, let them pound. And we will be guest stars who live by their own rules on this project. The producers didn’t want to do it“, Said Alexey Panin.

Nikita Presnyakov
Nikita Presnyakov

Recall that Nikita Presnyakov knocked out Alexei Panin in the second round. The actor could not get up and the fight was completed ahead of schedule.

The conflict between the grandson of Alla Pugacheva and Alexei Panin happened because of the actor Nikita Dzhigurda, who himself is not averse to waving his fists. Nikita Presnyakov said that Dzhigurda fights weakly. Panin decided to punish his friend’s offender. True, he did not succeed in doing this.

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