Oct 15, 2021
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Alexey Panin admitted that he was molested by a famous actor


Actor Alexei Panin said that he was molested by the idol of millions.

Andrei Kharitonov is a true legend of Soviet cinema. After the films “The Gadfly” and “The Invisible Man”, the artist acquired the title of a sex symbol. Of course, Kharitonov’s talent was admired not only by fans, but also by colleagues in the art world. So, Alexey Panin adored Andrei Igorevich, considering him a genius.

One day the stars had the opportunity to work together. Then Panin was still very young, a novice artist. As it turned out, on the set, the relationship between the actors almost crossed the line. “In my direction there were harassment from a very famous Soviet actor. He was a legend of Soviet cinema, adored by all women. But he got scared because I was 18 then. I respected him very much, we starred in the same film. It was Andrey Kharitonov. It’s not even harassment. He just showed signs of attention, which, due to my age, I still did not quite understand. When he saw an 18-year-old moron in front of him, he did not allow himself to do anything.“, – Panin shared.

Alexey Panin
Alexey Panin

According to Alexei, Kharitonov was a very intelligent person who did not try to offend or injure him. Panin carried respect for his colleague throughout his life. When he learned that Kharitonov was dying of a serious illness, he decided to visit him.

Not long before his death, I happened to be visiting Andryukha by chance. He was in a terrible state. The doctors said that he had a few days left to live, so he had already dropped his hands. We joked a lot then, tried to distract him with conversations“, – said the actor in an interview for the YouTube channel Dmitry Gordon.

Recall that Kharitonov died in June 2019 from intestinal cancer. At that time, the artist was already suffering from creative oblivion, so he did not have enough money for quality treatment. Until the last days, his wife Olga Smiryagina was next to Andrei Igorevich.

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