Jul 31, 2020
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Alexey Nechaev: prohibitions and orders do not work – people need to be carried away with ideas

About why this young political force is in favor of creating a fashion for healthy lifestyle, as well as how to support small local producers, we spoke with party leader, Russian businessman Alexei Nechaev... Of course, without discussing the goals of the party in the next elections to regional parliaments and The State Duma the next year did not work either.

- There are many harmful products. Which one should you “fight” with first?

- Me and our party are not very we love prohibitions, but in this case we support Ministry of Health... Well, I would start with the "king" of harmful products - Sahara... And I will immediately emphasize: fructose, which many call a substitute for sucrose, is just as harmful. And, for the sake of objectivity, I will add that sugar, of course, is not an absolutely harmful product. The body needs 20-25 grams per day. But today we eat both 100 and 150 grams of sugar in various foods and drinks. If a person is systematically abused, sugar turns into a slow-acting poison. People suffer and die, it seems, from hypertension, diabetes and other metabolic pathologies. But, in fact, sugar kills them. The saddest thing is that doctors say that excess sugar can affect the health of future generations. We eat - our children will suffer. This is another answer to the question why we decided to support the initiative of the Ministry of Health.

- Will restricting advertising be effective without other “barrier” measures? No limit on shelf space or something similar?

- By itself, a ban on advertising will also be effective. Over the past 15 years, alcohol consumption per capita in our country has decreased three times, largely due to the ban on advertising. What's more, not drinking and living a healthy lifestyle is becoming fashionable! I hope it will be the same with sugar. So banning ads is a very important first step. Avoiding harmful products should also become fashionable. Fortunately, there is the Internet, and there are people who set the right trends. Professional nutritionists and nutritionists keep their blogs, competently talk about proper nutrition. Note: today it is very difficult to advertise some hamburgers or chocolate bars - the audience will fill up with dislikes. Fashion is a very important tool, and thanks to those who create fashion for a healthy lifestyle. They really save people.

- Thanks to them for that, of course. But I am not very pleased to realize that the health of the nation is shaped by bloggers. I would like, after all, a more systematic approach. From the side of the state, for example.

- IN USA the organization "Food and Drug Administration" operates - the body that is responsible for health in general. We have the powers of this body are divided between Rospotrebnadzor, Rosselkhoznadzor and other structures. Probably if in Of Russia there was an analogue of the FDA, a kind of joint body, it would be nice, but we often want too much from the state, while our children are our responsibility. So are our parents. Like ourselves, after all. Russia is a country of independent people, a number of recent events have shown this once again. Therefore, sometimes it is enough just to cover the topic, start talking about the right way - and people themselves will make a choice, in this case in favor of health. That is why so much depends on the media and bloggers.

- You're right, the very fact of the FDA has not relieved Americans of the problem of excess weight among a significant part of the country's population.

- How not to recall the Eastern wisdom here: “And one person can lead a horse to a watering hole, but even seven will not make it drink”. People need personal responsibility for their health, their involvement in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

- You, as the founder of a large company (Alexey Nechaev founded and runs the Faberlic company - ed.) - what have you done yourself to promote the principles of healthy eating?

- We very carefully enter the area of ​​proper nutrition. We started with the production of various bioactive supplements that strengthen the immune system. Then they became interested in healthy cereals and soups. Now we are preparing a release of healthy sweets, for example, I personally test sugar-free chocolate. It turned out that creating a product that is both healthy and tasty is very difficult. I am glad that we succeed.

- There are more and more useful products on store shelves. Does this mean that the number of manufacturers of such products is also growing?

- Unfortunately, there are still few of them, and the scale of their business is not very large, which means that it will be difficult for them to compete with large companies, even with the best formulations. But these recipes still need to be developed.For example, we spent six months with our partner, a manufacturing company, to develop an ideal recipe and establish production. And the scale of the business allowed us to establish a competitive price. As a result, we manufacture and market our protein bars at the same price as our main competitors, including large international companies. But there is nothing harmful in our superfoods, and their products are high in sugar. Therefore, in the eyes of a responsible consumer, we win. For small producers, for example, farmers, the main task is not to produce, but to sell. We see that local markets have been seized by the Varangians from the Central Asian republics, it is more convenient for chain supermarkets to take products from large federal suppliers, rather than from local producers. Helping farmers is easy. It is enough to introduce a rule according to which a certain percentage of goods on the shelves must be locally produced during the high season. Moreover, not only to introduce quotas, but also to designate these shelves: local goods are sold here. People have regional patriotism. If you show them that this is ours, they will buy.

“Nevertheless, many buyers now trust large manufacturers more. Why?

- Large enterprises, due to the scale, can allow the highest quality control, which, most likely, is not available for small industries. But the situation is changing. Retail chains have very high requirements for product quality. When Faberlik selects suppliers, we study their production in detail, check the quality of raw materials. Thus, even a small manufacturer can convince the chain of its solvency and high quality of its products.

- If representatives of the New People party end up in regional parliaments and the State Duma /, what decisions in the field of food production should be expected?

- As a political party that is going to create factions in the legislative assemblies of the regions, and in the State Duma, "New People" will participate in state regulation of the topic of nutrition. I don't think these will be bans. We have too many restrictive measures in place. Certainly, some of them are well founded. But many are simply meaningless or hopelessly outdated. It was not for nothing that the regulatory guillotine was launched. It is very important to create fashion for healthy, right things. This works better than any prohibitions and edifications. If earlier 20-year-old girls dressed the way they were taught by 40-year-old mothers, now it is exactly the opposite: mothers dress like their 18-year-old daughters. And everyone looks great! "New people" is a political force that believes that people should not be dictated, people should be dragged in the right direction.

- So you are a party of youth, millennials and buzzers?

- You have asked a difficult question. Not only young people. “New people” is a party of those who are constantly open to new ideas, ready to constantly develop, gain new experience and create. It is believed that these qualities are inherent mainly in young people. But this, of course, is not entirely true. New people are not only young people. We collected signatures for nomination in Novosibirsk, and a man who is 94 years old gave us his signature. And he feels like a new person! Because he does not live - he lives, does not stop! He does not think that he has everything in the past. It doesn't matter how old you are. A new man is one who builds his own life. New people do not believe that someone owes them - the state, for example. They themselves find solutions, money, other people to do something with them. New people are not the ones who live only through the victories of past generations: “Our ancestors defeated the Teutons on Lake Peipsi, the Swedes under Poltava, overcame fascism - and that's why I'm great. " Not. A new person is one who considers himself a fine fellow only if he himself achieves something. Only such people can create the future of our country.

- It turns out that you are a party for passionaries. But they are often apolitical - just because they do not believe in any political force, they believe only in themselves ...

- Burning yourself in the square is the highest degree of passionarity. But there is little common sense. We focus on those who have more of it. Why do we have a “silent majority”? Because people do not hear a thesis that they would like to support. There are more and more of those who want to leave their children a strong country with endless opportunities to achieve goals and create. In 2016, I was invited to participate in the creation of the party. But then there was no demand for such an idea, but now it flies like the wind. We arrived in Novosibirsk in March. There were 10 of us. By the first of May there were already five hundred of us. And today, at the end of July, the New People party in Novosibirsk already has five thousand activists!

- Your instinct did not let you down. However, there is nothing to be surprised at. It was your instinct that allowed you in the mid-90s to start what later turned into a business empire ...

- Not an empire - a republic. Tens of thousands of people make decisions in the company. Our headquarters are organized like a federation. There are different departments, each of which makes its own decisions. I am only the coordinator of these processes. The spokesman for the ideas of the majority - yes, but definitely not the emperor.

- What are your plans for the current election campaign?

- We are nominating single-mandate candidates in 12 regions, and party lists in 10 regions. We are talking about elections to regional legislative assemblies. We are very pleased that over these months 600 people have already become our associates and are running for our party. People are tired of waiting for a new real political idea.

- Why did they wait? There are parliamentary parties, there are many small parties.

- In 2016, I just didn’t go to vote, because I didn’t want to vote for either the United Russia Party, or the Communists, or Liberal Democratic Party... About half of our voters do not see themselves voting for these parties. Moreover, fewer and fewer people want to be nominated from these parties. They believe us. Perhaps because we decided to create a non-boutique party - in Moscow... Our asset immediately went to the regions and got involved in the work. There, on the ground, it will not work to portray the stormy activity. Nobody will believe you. People can easily understand who is behind the years of preliminary work, and where is the political "precocity". Do you know who is the core of our asset? Graduates of the Captains of Russia program, she is already 8 years old. These guys have grown up, they know a lot and can. Therefore, in a number of regions, candidates agreed to go with us.

- Have you already faced opposition and the use of administrative resources?

- Sure. Some candidates left our lists after calls from administrations and other high offices at the regional level. But still, we found 600 brave ones. And now we are finishing collecting signatures in all regions where we plan to participate in elections. There was a certain alertness towards us almost everywhere. Our activists were summoned to the police, in some places even outdoor surveillance was assigned to the headquarters. But then there, on the ground, they saw: normal people, not extremists, they came to work, and not to rock the boat. Although in Rostov we are still not allowed to stir up billboards. IN Belgorod there are very few of them. Nothing wrong. We will hang the so-called "balconies". Our activists in the regions say: if we are not allowed to hang up banners, we will place them on our homes.

- What result will you consider a success?

- It is very important that our single-mandate candidates pass. We have many strong candidates. And, of course, we want our party lists to go everywhere or almost everywhere. Much depends on how honestly the regional election commissions will work. I believe that in a number of regions our votes will be stolen, but somewhere we will definitely defend our honest result.

- And a year later - the State Duma?

- Sure. Having factions in regional parliaments, it is possible to understand much better and deeper the problems of the region and with what proposals to solve these problems to conduct a Duma campaign. This year of practice is very important for us. I hope we will have it.

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