Sep 15, 2020
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Alexey Navalny posted the first post after the poisoning on Instagram

Alexei Navalny, who continues his recovery in the Berlin clinic "Charite" after the poisoning, posted the first post after the incident on Instagram and spoke about his health. He posted a photo with his wife Julia and children from the hospital ward.

“Hello, this is Navalny. . I recommend, "- wrote Navalny.

Shortly before the publication of this post, the Kremlin said that "everyone will be happy" about Navalny's recovery. At the same time, the press secretary of the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Peskov for the first time in recent years named the name of the oppositionist, although he still managed to use the euphemism "citizen of the Russian Federation", and also did not fail to emphasize that Russian doctors saved his life.

“If a citizen of the Russian Federation recovers and improves his health, then, of course, everyone will be happy about this. Here we are talking about human life, which was saved by Omsk doctors. If some negative consequences are eliminated, from the point of view of health conditions they will be improved Berlin doctors, of course, everyone will be only happy. The Kremlin has no opportunity to track Navalny's health, "Rise quotes Peskov.

Commenting on information from The New York Times that Navalny plans to return to Russia and continue his political activities after recovery, Peskov said that "any Russian citizen is free to leave Russia and return."

He also noted that no one in the presidential administration is going to meet with Navalny. "We, frankly, do not see any reason for such a meeting, do not see the need for such a meeting. I am convinced that such a meeting will not happen," RBC quotes Peskov.

On September 14, the Charité clinic, where Navalny has been staying since August 22, reported that his condition continues to improve and becomes "more and more mobile." A politician can get up from a hospital bed for a short time and do without a ventilator. According to NYT, Navalny continues to be heavily guarded.

The day before, the German government informed that independent laboratories in Sweden and France had confirmed the presence of traces of a Novichok-class chemical warfare agent in Navalny's body. French President Emmanuel Macron personally confirmed to Russian President Vladimir Putin that the French experts came to the same conclusion as the Bundeswehr experts.

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