Jan 23, 2021
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Alexey Chumakov said that he was annoyed by the inflated torso of Stas Kostyushkin

16:30, 01/23/2021

The 49-year-old ex-soloist of the duet “Tea for Two” is actively involved in sports.

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Today Stas Kostyushkin became the hero of the show “Secret for a Million”. In a frank interview with Lera Kudryavtseva, the artist recalled how his career began, and also talked about his relationships with colleagues in the shop. So, Kostyushkin shared that he has been friends with Alexei Chumakov for many years. By the way, today he also became a guest of the program.

In the studio of the show, Chumakov said that he met Kostyushkin and Kudryavtseva in 1997. “Lerochka, you have only become better since then,” noted Alexey. At the same time, the artist shared that he even remembers what the TV presenter was wearing that day.

Alexey Chumakov in the show “Secret to a Million”

Chumakov noted that he considers Stas a unique person. “Outwardly, I look older, so we can say that Kostyushkin grew up on my songs. Because of the beard, because of the fat. Stas is a unique person. I am not saying this because he is sitting here. I do not communicate with very many people. Stas is an outwardly non-perishable person, both mentally and spiritually. And it annoys me very much that he is pumped up. It’s unpleasant, ”said Alexey.

Alexey Chumakov, Stas Kostyushkin, Yulia Kovalchuk, Yulia Kostyushkina and Alexander Revva

Chumakov recalled that the last time he saw Kostyushkin on the set of the show “Mask”, in which they both took part. “He first came up to me and said: ‘Oh, what a tummy you have! It’s your female hormones. ” It’s unpleasant, ”Alexey shared. In turn, 49-year-old Kostyushkin noted that he always calls Chumakov to train together, but he always refuses.

Stas Kostyushkin spends a lot of time in the gym

Chumakov and Kostyushkin also touched upon the topic of the lockdown, which took place in the spring of last year, when almost all the stars of the domestic show business were left without work. Stas shared that he had to sell his foreign car, and that it was quite inexpensive. “I’m not risking myself, I’m risking my family. But it is important for me that the children are dressed and well fed, “the artist admitted.

Stas Kostyushkin with his sons

Recall that the first chosen one of Kostyushkin was his school love Marianne… It was for her sake that Stas chose a career as a musician – he wanted to prove that he could achieve success in this field. However, the marriage of Kostyushkin with Marianna lasted only a few years, after which she left the artist for another man. A dancer became the musician’s second wife Olga… They lived together for three years. In 2003, the couple had a child – a boy who was named Martin… However, the son of Stas and Olga could not keep them from divorce. The reason for the separation was Kostyushkin’s love for his current wife. For the sake of Julia, the singer left Olga with her son. To date, the Kostyushkins have been happily married for 15 years and have two children. So, in 2006, Stas and Yulia had a son Bohdanand in 2015 a boy Myron

Stas Kostyushkin with his wife and children

It is worth noting that last year Kostyushkin was at the center of a scandal. In the summer, the YouTube show “Alena, Damn!” the musician publicly spoke about the sexual abuse he had experienced. The incident happened when Stas was only eight years old. The musician noted that he told this story to raise the issue and find a response from society. After the release of the program with the participation of the musician, Ksenia Sobchak laughed at this situation. The musician, in turn, reacted sharply to the presenter’s caustic comment, noting that the topic of pedophilia cannot be a reason for jokes.

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