Oct 13, 2020
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Alexey Chumakov published a song dedicated to her on his daughter’s birthday

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Amelia is three years old.

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Julia Kovalchuk and Alexey Chumakov have been married since 2013. The first and so far the only child in a stellar family was born on October 12, 2017. The couple had a daughter, who was named Amelia. Even before the birth of the girl, many were interested in why Alexey and Julia were in no hurry with the children. There were rumors that the singer had health problems, but in the Secret for a Million program, Chumakov said that he and his wife decided to seriously prepare for the issue of having a child.

Today Amelia is celebrating her third birthday. Kovalchuk was the first to congratulate the girl on her birthday. She posted on her microblog at Instagram the first photos in the girl's life and promised her to always be there. Alexey Chumakov also left a post on his account with congratulations, wished his wish come true, a long and happy life for his daughter. In addition, the singer posted a video of the song dedicated to Amelia.

β€œMy life, happy birthday! πŸ™‚ Thank you for your happiness! Live longer than Mom and I, live happier than Mom and I, and we promise to do everything so that nothing prevents you from doing it! There are no such words to express everything that Mom and I feel, looking into your pure, loving eyes. You make us better. You make the whole world better! Remember - everything that came before you was just a rehearsal, and everything that is and will be with you is from now on only for you! πŸ™‚ Because you are the best that Mom and I have created in our life. πŸ™‚ With God in the new year! Happy Birthday, Amelia Alekseevna Chumakova. πŸ™‚ ", - wrote the artist (spelling and punctuation of the author are given without changes. -

Alexey Chumakov published a song dedicated to her on his daughter's birthday

37-year-old Yulia Kovalchuk and 39-year-old Alexei Chumakov are considered one of the strongest couples in domestic show business. After years of family life, they show an ideal relationship. However, this was not always the case. Earlier, Kovalchuk said that in the first months of living together she behaved very selfishly towards her beloved. She tried to make him live in his own rhythm, wake up early, go for a walk, be in motion all the time. Later, the singer realized how stupid her behavior was. Now, in the house of the spouses located in the Moscow region, besides the common areas, everyone has their own corner where you can retire and immerse yourself in creativity. It is noteworthy that even while working on joint projects, the couple asks for separate dressing rooms.

Note that during the forced self-isolation regime, Julia and Alexei were able not only to save the marriage, but also to strengthen it unlike many couples of Russian show business. Previously, due to the busy touring schedule, Chumakov could not pay enough attention to his wife and daughter. For several months the family lived outside the city. Alexey admitted that he treated the pandemic as β€œthe most valuable time” and even enjoyed everything that happened in his life during that period.

Alexey Chumakov and Yulia Kovalchuk

Amelia was also very happy with the period of self-isolation, thanks to which mom and dad were at home with her for a long time. Julia said that their daughter is growing very creative, she loves to sing, dance and paint. And the girl liked doing her favorite areas with her parents even more. Julia with Alexei tries not to instill in his daughter a love of gadgets: on phones and tablets, Amelia watches only photos and videos from her childhood, and not cartoons. Singers categorically do not want to accustom their daughter to a computer from an early age.

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