Sep 9, 2022
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Alexey Chadov showed a new darling, very similar to his ex-wife


Actor Alexei Chadov shared footage from the festival in Nizhny Novgorod, where he visited with his new lover.

Alexey Chadov shared fresh footage on his microblog on social networks, after which the fans literally gasped: “Is he really reunited with Agnia Ditkovskite again?” But of course not, the actor is posing in the company of his lover, model and yoga teacher Leysan Galimova.

Alexey Chadov and Leysan Galimova
Alexey Chadov and Leysan Galimova

Festival Gorky Fest in Nizhny Novgorod. Submit a picture! The welcome was warm ❤️”, signed photo of Chadov.

It should be noted that Leysan was able to establish a very warm relationship with the son of Chadov and Agnia Ditkovskite – Fedor. On June 5 of this year, he turned eight years old.

Alexey Chadov and Leysan Galimova
Alexey Chadov and Leysan Galimova

Chadov’s ex-wife has long been happy in family life. She married Bogdan Panchenko, co-owner of one of the restaurant chains. The couple played a modest wedding, to which only relatives and relatives were invited. Agnia decided to announce her new relationship a few months before her marriage.

Alexei admitted that it was extremely difficult for him to part, and said in an interview with 7 Days: “After the divorce, it took me two years to reflect on everything and learn how to manage my emotions. But now we are in the status of allies, because we can communicate openly, make friends, and most importantly, move on and continue our common cause – raising a son..

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