Dec 30, 2020
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Alexey Batalov’s widow refused to claim the actor’s personal archives

22:02, 29.12.

Gitana Leontenko plans to transfer documents belonging to Anna Akhmatova to the poetess’s relatives.

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FROMthe shackle around the inheritance of Alexei Batalov began in September this year. The widow of a famous actor Gitana Leontenko and his daughter with cerebral palsy Maria lost a share in a four-room apartment, a workshop, as well as two apartments and a large sum of money. They accused their close friends of fraud: the actress Natalia Drozhzhin and her husband a lawyer Mikhail TsivinLeontenko stated that the spouses forced her to write her power of attorney in their names.

The Investigative Committee, as a result of a search of the capital’s apartment by Drozhzhina and Tsivin, seized documents from Batalov’s personal archive. Documents were found on the suspects, which were packed in several huge packages. It turned out that archives can cost even more than the Batalovs’ four-room apartment on Serafimovich Street in the House on the Embankment. Personal letters are valued most Anna Akhmatova

Anna Akhmatova with young Alexei Batalov and his mother Nina Olshevskaya

It is known that the stepfather of Alexei Batalov is a writer Victor Ardov at one time he was very friendly with Anna Andreevna, and she gave him her collections. And the mother of Alexei Vladimirovich, Nina Olshevskaya, the poetess wrote personal letters, which now can be estimated at millions of rubles. Akhmatova was closely associated with this family and stayed with her for a long time. Therefore, the documents were kept by the Batalovs.

Today the lawyer of Gitana Leontenko Tatiana Kirienko stated that the artist’s widow had refused to claim the poet’s personal archives. In the show “Let Them Talk”, the lawyer said that it was more important for Batalov’s relatives to get back the property. “Gitana Arkadyevna and Masha are asking to return only their property. They do not pretend to be an archive. Even if the archive is returned, they want to give it to the Ardovs or Bunins, that is, Akhmatova’s direct heirs. They don’t need someone else’s, ”said the lawyer.

Shot from the show “Let them talk”

Note that Tsivin and Drozhzhina do not admit their guilt. Spouses lawyer Anatoly Kucherena I am sure that in this story there are no grounds for initiating a criminal case. In mid-December, the lawyer said that he intends to close the case, and transfer the proceedings to the plane of civil law relations. The human rights activist said that he insists on a confrontation between his clients and the Batalov family. However, Gitana Leontenko does not agree to a meeting, which delays the course of the investigation.

Batalov’s relatives reported that they rarely leave the house lately and try to communicate only with lawyers. Gitana Arkadyevna said that due to infection with the coronavirus, he and her daughter really had to observe the self-isolation regime for some time. And yesterday it became known that Leontenko had discovered a hidden camera in front of her apartment, and now she suspects that her apartment is being watched.

Natalia Drozhzhina and Mikhail Tsivin

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