Sep 11, 2022
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Alexei Panin should be placed in a psychiatric hospital, said the deputy


Khudyakov believes that the actor Alexei Panin has no place in the wild.

Alexey Panin, who is in Spain, angered politician Roman Khudyakov with his statements. The actor opposes the special operation and the Russian authorities, and the deputy does not like this very much.

45-year-old Roman Khudyakov said that artists who so vehemently cover their position on social networks should not be allowed back into Russia. First of all, this applies to Maxim Galkin and Alexei Panin.

Actor Panin, who is constantly in a borderline state of mind, should not be allowed into Russia for a very long time. He somehow managed to take the child from his wife and take him to Spain, but now he regularly returns to Russia, where he “earns his living”. And this actor of the same role (who played a gangster in Balabanov’s Zhmurki), who turned out to be a violent alcoholic (he himself said that he was sewn up) again and again comes to Russia and allows himself statements full of hatred. But this time I crossed the last line”, the public figure is indignant.

Alexey Panin - photo from the archive -
Alexey Panin – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

The deputy is sure that it is necessary to initiate a criminal case against the movie star. “Article 280 is an extremist statement full of hatred for the Russian nation and all Russians. Also, Panin, who, in fact, should not live in Russia and Spain, but in a psychiatric hospital or a special block of a prison for abnormal people in any of the countries – better away from Russia (so that they don’t even smell here), should be recognized in Russia as an undesirable person at least 50 years. Although he manages to live with his binges, when others have long been in the next world – so it’s better for 100 years”, Roman Ivanovich does not calm down.

Khudyakov urged his colleagues to support his opinion and forbid Panin to return to his homeland. By the way, now the actor is not going to come to Russia.

Throw him out and the country! And let him give concerts together with Galkin – both artists are from the same clip – Russophobes with deviant deviations. And the resulting role in Zhmurki is the merit of the real Russian director Alexei Balabanov, who today would support the CBO“, – concluded the deputy.

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