Sep 16, 2020
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Alexei Batalov’s widow filed a complaint with the police against scammers who left her without an apartment

04:57, 09/16/2020

Gitana Leontenko complained that the artists Natalia Drozhzhina and Mikhail Tsivin deceived her.

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The widow of the star of the film "Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears" Alexei Batalov 85-year-old Gitana Leontenko told that she and her daughter suffering from cerebral palsy Maria became victims of scammers. Moreover, the widow of the legends of Soviet cinema was deceived by his close friends from the acting environment - Natalia Drozhzhina and her husband Mikhail Tsivin...

According to Gitana Arkadyevna, the aforementioned people deprived her of her real estate and her last savings. They fraudulently forced her to sign a power of attorney in their names for all property. It is reported that the scammers became the owners of Batalov's workshop, several apartments, as well as foreign and Russian bank accounts.

Alexey Batalov

The day before Yulia Antonova, the lawyer of the victim at the hands of the fraudsters Leontenko, spoke about the progress of the case and the measures taken. The lawyer said that they filed a complaint with the police asking them to investigate the situation. At present, a check is being carried out on the fact of the incident. “While the application is being checked, whether they want to initiate a criminal case there or not is a question of law enforcement agencies, we have so far submitted an application,” Antonova emphasized in an interview with a Channel Five correspondent.

Gitana Leontenko

It should be noted that People's Artist Alexei Batalov was married twice. With his first wife Irina Rotova he met at the age of 12 - their parents were neighbors in the country. Daughter Nadya was born in 1955. The second wife of Alexei Batalov is a circus artist Gitana Leontenko, whom the actor met on the set. Alexey and Gitana got married in 1958. The serious illness of her daughter Maria, who suffers from cerebral palsy due to birth trauma, forced Gitana to quit her career and devote herself entirely to treating the girl.

Daughter of Alexei Batalov Maria

Note that initially the parents of 16-year-old Gitana were sharply against her relationship with 25-year-old Batalov. In addition, they were not happy that their daughter was dating a person of non-Roma blood. The circus performer's family even threatened the actor with violence, which only fueled his interest. However, Alexei hid one important circumstance from his beloved: he is married. After the birth of his daughter, Batalov confessed to Gitana that he was not free. The gypsy immediately broke off all communication with the famous artist.

Alexey Batalov

Alexey Vladimirovich had problems with blood vessels in the last years of his life. In the winter of 2017, another exacerbation happened, during which the actor fell and broke the neck of the thigh on his right leg. A month later, the doctors performed an operation on Batalov, and he never left the hospital. Alexey Vladimirovich Batalov died on June 15, 2017 in Moscow. People's Artist of the USSR was buried at the Preobrazhensky cemetery.

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