Oct 17, 2020
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Alexei Batalov’s widow and daughter were recognized as victims in a fraud case

01:01, 17.10.

The controversial property of the late actor was seized.

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In September, a scandal erupted around the star of the film "Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears" Alexei Batalov. 85-year-old widow of the artist Gitana Leontenko stated that she and her daughter Maria, suffering from cerebral palsy, were victims of scammers. It turned out that close friends of the artist Natalia Drozhzhina and her husband Mikhail Tsivin fraudulently appropriated property and all the savings of women. According to Gitana Arkadyevna, she was forced to sign a power of attorney in the names of Drozhzhina and Tsivin.

Gitana Arkadyevna said that the scammers became the owners of Batalov's workshop in the center of Moscow, several metropolitan apartments in the "House on the Embankment" and on Kutuzovsky Prospect, as well as foreign and Russian bank accounts. The widow of Alexei Batalov wrote a statement to the police, and today the preliminary results of the case have become known. Gitana Arkadyevna and her daughter were questioned, and on the basis of their testimony, together with the testimony of witnesses, they were recognized as victims.

Gitana Leontenko

“The investigation recognized the actor's widow and daughter as victims and interrogated, as witnesses interrogated a number of persons who have information of interest to the investigation. Registration cases for real estate objects have been requested, requests have been sent to financial and credit organizations to provide extracts on all current accounts, ”said Yulia Ivanova, a representative of the Moscow ICR department, Interfax reports. Also, a spokesman for the Investigative Committee said that the disputed property was seized.

It is worth noting that Natalia Drozhzhina and Mikhail Tsivin became the heroes of one of the episodes of the show "The Stars Came Together." The swindlers told their version of events. According to Natalia and Mikhail, they wanted to help the actor's eldest daughter. Batalov had a daughter, Nadezhda, in his first marriage with Irina Rotova, but the woman did not inherit after the death of her father. As Drozhzhina and Tsivin reported then, Gitana Arkadyevna asked them to protect her from Nadezhda's claims to the artist's property. That is why Batalov's widow transferred all the property to them. However, later the friends of Gitana Arkadyevna rudely kicked Natalia out of the apartment, and she decided to disinterestedly help Nadezhda, giving her all the inheritance.

Mikhail Tsivin and Natalia Drozhzhina

Nevertheless, no one believed in the sincerity of Natalia Drozhzhina and Mikhail Tsivin. Fraudsters have long been known in the artistic environment. Choreographer and director Yuri Sherling stated that this is not the first time a married couple has cheated on older people. According to Sherling, Drozhzhina owns a large number of apartments in the center of Moscow. And Mikhail, a lawyer by training, helps Natalia turn out scams. “They are undertakers. They specially sit next to old people and there is a whole galaxy of such scammers who legally rewrite everything on themselves. I know for sure that they practiced this not only with Batalov. She has a considerable number of apartments in Moscow taken away in this way. They rubbed people into trust and, perhaps, this is her best role. And Misha, as a lawyer, suggested how this should be done legally, ”Yuri Sherling said emotionally.

Recall that Alexei Batalov died at the age of 88. In the last years of his life, the artist suffered from vascular problems. In the winter of 2017, another exacerbation occurred, during which the actor fell and broke the neck of the thigh on his right leg. A month later, the doctors performed an operation on Batalov, and he never left the hospital. Alexey Vladimirovich Batalov died on June 15, 2017 in Moscow. People's Artist of the USSR was buried at the Preobrazhensky cemetery.

Alexey Batalov

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