Jan 14, 2022
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Alexandra Yakovleva, struggling with oncology, stopped communicating


64-year-old actress Alexandra Yakovleva stopped communicating with fans on Instagram. Her friends can’t find her either.

Alexandra Yakovleva was diagnosed with the last stage of breast cancer in 2017. The actress kept in touch with fans and colleagues through a blog. However, nothing has been known about her for four months, and her phone is silent.

Alexandra Yakovleva has been struggling with a serious illness for several years. The actress did not give up and began to fight the disease. She actively blogged, where she shared her innermost. Alexandra Evgenievna prayed for health. “Every day I ask God to give me strength and health. How wonderful life is! How to live from an early age, preserving what fate gave to each person at birth. How to take care of yourself. All health” she wrote.

Alexandra Yakovleva
Alexandra Yakovleva

In September, the actress participated in the election campaign from the Just Russia party and did not pass. “I’m not upset that I lost. Do not call with vile voices. Don’t be sorry. Of course, it is very disappointing that the native, beloved city did not come to the polls. Turnout is very low. What are you? ”, Yakovleva turned to her fellow countrymen on September 29.

In the same post, the actress told her fans in the comments:I’m in the oncology center for another week‘ and stopped communicating. Since then, her account has been silent. Fans are sounding the alarm. They are afraid that the condition of their pet could worsen, and she is simply unable to maintain her own page.

Alexandra Yakovleva
Alexandra Yakovleva

Note that Alexandra Yakovleva was given a terrible diagnosis after she felt an incomprehensible malaise. Her condition rapidly deteriorated. And when it turned out that she had an oncological disease, Alexandra Evgenievna, according to her confession, did not want to live.

The doctors were shocked, one of them even said that I only had a few months left. However, after the examination, we decided to fight. With each chemo I got better and better. After the seventh chemo I got up and went“, – said the artist.

The star underwent 20 courses of chemotherapy and does not hide that the most difficult thing is the painful recovery after the procedures, which she told Andrei Malakhov about. The star with tears in her eyes reported that she had very little time left to live.

In the 1980s, Yakovleva was one of the most popular actresses in Soviet cinema. She starred in such films as “The Crew”, “Magicians”, “The Man from the Boulevard des Capucines”. And in 1993, she suddenly announced her retirement from the cinema. She changed her decision only once, appearing in 2016 on the screen in the role of Tamara Igorevna in a remake of the famous Crew.

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