Oct 22, 2021
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Alexandra Dyachenko admitted how a serious illness affected his appearance


The star of “Major”, 56-year-old actor Alexander Dyachenko spoke about the consequences of a serious illness.

Alexander Dyachenko last summer fell seriously ill and was hospitalized with coronavirus. The actor suffered an infection extremely hard. He was bedridden and underwent hormone therapy. The other day, the artist told how the disease affected his appearance.

For a long time, Alexander Dyachenko could not move independently. His legs were taken away, the pains were “wildest”. The actor was constantly lying down, and due to hormones he became very fat.

The insidiousness of this infection is that there is a degeneration of neural connections in the brain, a person falls into depression, remembers the worst that happened to him in life. It is still sometimes difficult to find words. And I also had to struggle with asthenic syndrome for a long time. Only 15-20 seconds could stand, and then suddenly ringing in the ears, dizzy, and you knocked back on the bed“, – said the actor.

Alexander Dyachenko
Alexander Dyachenko

When he was discharged from the hospital, he was taken to the taxi on a gurney. “Hormone therapy also left a strong imprint on the appearance: plus ten kilograms, the face is puffy. Diets and sports don’t help much. For a long time I did not recognize myself in the mirror“, – the actor is quoted from 7 Days.

The main thing for him is to get out of the disease completely. “I went into a cytokine storm. Ten days of twilight … One of the main complications of the disease is an obsessive desire to sum up what has been lived. Realized that a lot was done wrong, something wasted, time was wasted on something“, – the star laments.

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