Oct 24, 2021
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Alexandra Bortich had a row with a taxi driver


Actress Sasha Bortich complained that she was dropped off with a child in the rain in the middle of the street.

In her personal blog, Sasha Bortich complained about a taxi driver who dropped her off with a small child in rainy weather. According to the actress, the man was rude and behaved extremely unprofessional. Only now the chauffeur assures the opposite.

Last Thursday, 27-year-old Bortich said that she faced boorish behavior from the taxi driver. “I was dropped off by a driver, a business class one, with a child and in the rain. We got into the car, the navigator showed 35 minutes, but the taxi driver said that we would go for an hour. I talked very nicely to him, but he continued to “negative”. Suddenly he ends the trip and says – everyone, come, come out, you won’t talk to me like that, you were rude to me. What is this imperative tone?– the actress was indignant.

Later, the man who was carrying the star got in touch and explained. According to him, everything turned out quite differently. “I immediately asked for wishes on the route, temperature, radio. I warned that the trip on the navigator would take 35 minutes, but maybe longer, since nine-point traffic jams. In response, Bortich reacted very irritably, asked to turn on the light from behind, which I did. A minute later he asked: “Can I turn off the light? It is uncomfortable to drive, it is disorienting. ” And then it began … Immediately the person changed in behavior. I was told that they always drive with light, because the child falls asleep like that. Further, the conversation took place from her side in an imperative and arrogant tone.“, – said the taxi driver.

Alexandra Bortich with her son
Alexandra Bortich with her son

By the way, this was only the beginning of the conflict. “Her child was capricious, she began to sing him songs about pussy. Yes Yes! She sang in an undertone: “Pisya, pisya, pisya!” I was puzzled, and in order not to listen to the screams of a child to this hit, I put on headphones“, – added the driver.

When approaching in a traffic jam to a turn on 1905 Street, Sasha demanded to move on another, supposedly freer road. The taxi driver objected, to which Bortich began to shout and be rude.

I tried to argue, to explain that the entire Arbat would have to stand, and here only up to Sadovoye Cork. All this was rudely interrupted by the phrase: “Nobody asks you!” And then I lost control for a second, I just burst out: “All the girl, I am not going anywhere else with you, you have already arrived.” After a little wrangling, she began to get ready. I said not to go out, I will now turn to the sidewalk, but they just flew out like a bullet, not forgetting to slam the doors hard“, – the driver outlined his version of events in a post on the website

The man honestly admitted – he did not know that there was a star in the car. At the same time, the driver is not going to hide and is ready to answer additional questions related to the incident.

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