Nov 11, 2022
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Alexander Vasilyev admired the appearance of Diana Pozharskaya


Fashion historian Alexander Vasiliev appreciated the appearance of Diana Pozharskaya.

The host of the TV program “Fashionable Sentence” spoke about the rare appearance of star spouses. Alexander analyzed the images of Diana and Ivan at the premiere of the joint film “World Champion”.

The star of the film “Hotel Belgrade” appeared before the public in a pink tweed suit, consisting of a jacket and a skirt. Diana paired it with a black turtleneck and thick tights. The actress chose milky ankle boots. The young mother had her hair slicked back and light makeup accented with scarlet lipstick. The fashion critic praised Pozharskaya’s outfit.

In this photo, the grandson of Oleg Yankovsky Ivan with his pretty wife, actress Diana Pozharskaya. She has a spectacular outfit.“, – said Vasiliev.

Diana Pozharskaya and Ivan Yankovsky
Diana Pozharskaya and Ivan Yankovsky – Instagram archive (prohibited organization on the territory of the Russian Federation)

The fashion historian also analyzed in detail the image of Pozharskaya’s husband. Alexander noted Ivan’s striking resemblance to his famous grandfather, Oleg Yankovsky.

He has a classic three-piece suit with a vest that fits him well. Stylish guy, all in the famous grandfather. Hipster hairstyle, I would call this image “young man from the Patricks“, – said the expert.

The fashion critic also admitted that he is well acquainted with the couple in everyday life. The star of Channel One likes the light characters of the actors.

In fact, Ivan is my neighbor, I met him more than once in our area. He, like me, lives on Frunzenskaya Embankment. We always greet and communicate. He is a nice and nice person“, – quotes the publication” 7 days “Vasiliev.

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