Oct 27, 2021
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Alexander Vasiliev said that you can not lend


Fashion historian Alexander Vasiliev spoke about monetary relationships with friends.

The TV presenter on the YouTub channel Class spoke about the rules of etiquette in society. He stated that it was perfectly acceptable to refuse even close people a request to borrow money. He himself, for example, never does this.

Alexander Vasiliev
Alexander Vasiliev

Never lend money! This is the reason for the end of friendships and relationships. Or lend if you want to get rid of the person forever, because he will never come to you again“, – said Vasiliev.

The fashion historian also advises cultured people not to offer a commission if they do decide to lend. “It’s impossible, the old woman-pawnbroker did it. This is not good. Better loan functions to provide a banking organization“- he said.

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