Aug 11, 2020
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Alexander Tsekalo and Darina Ervin consulted a family psychologist

Darina Ervin and Alexander Tsekalo visit a family psychologist. The showman's wife told about this during a horse ride along the coast. However, she did not specify why the couple decided to seek help from a specialist.

Alexander Tsekalo and Darina Ervin consulted a family psychologist

Darina Erwin really liked the walk with her husband. She noted that it turned out to idyllically lead time with her lover. The artist also hinted that in the future she could refuse the help of a family psychologist. Tsekalo and Erwin got married in 2019. At the same time, the actor's wife, who is 30 years younger than him, demonstrates to fans a family idyll in a relationship with a lover. Therefore, against the background of contacting a specialist, followers have doubts about this.

It is rumored that Alexander Tsekalo intends to persuade his wife to give birth to heirs. However, she also doesn't mind becoming a mom. At the moment, they are unable to become parents. Recently, during a birthday party, while blowing out the candles on the birthday cake, the artist's wife made a wish to make her husband's dream come true.

It is worth noting that the showman thought about adding to the family at the beginning of his family life with Erwin. Before leaving for the United States, the lovers visited a perinatal center near Moscow. As a result of the move, they changed the clinic and intend to try to become parents again. From a previous marriage with Victoria Galushka, Tsekalo has two children - daughter Alexander and son Mikhail.

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