Oct 22, 2021
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Alexander Serov will become a grandfather for the second time


The daughter of the singer Alexander Serov is expecting her second child.

The artist is now in the hospital, where he is being treated for the effects of the coronavirus. And at home his beloved daughter Michelle, who will soon become a mother, is waiting for him.

Michelle herself told about this in the studio of the Let the Talk program on Channel One. She reported on her father’s condition, and then the show’s host Dmitry Borisov asked: “I look at you and understand that soon Alexander Serov will be a grandfather twice“. “Yes, it will be soon. You have declassified me. You are the first to know about it“, – said the heiress of the singer.

Michelle, 28, is the daughter of the legendary Russian artist. She is very close to her father and lives in a neighboring house in his country residence in the Moscow region. Alexander Nikolaevich literally blows away dust particles from the heiress and does whatever she wants.

Alexander Serov with his daughter
Alexander Serov with his daughter

The daughter reciprocates. She received a good education, and after graduation she managed to work in business, as well as to pursue a musical career. All is well with her and on the personal front – in 2019, she married a businessman named Roman. His father-in-law likes him, they were bound by love for luxury cars. Despite her marriage, Michelle did not change her surname and remained Serova.

By the way, the couple already have a child. On September 28, their daughter Mia turned one year old. On this occasion, friends and family gathered in a restaurant in the center of Moscow. “Mia grew and changed, every week she made us happy with something new. We are watching her with interest, rejoicing in her new skills, we are happy to participate in all this. And, of course, you want to continue to enjoy this amazing feeling when a person, your daughter, is growing before your eyes. She develops and learns the world, and we also do this together with her. Roma and I are incredibly happy to be parents, this is a great time for us, because we get to know ourselves from a new perspective, ”Michelle shared with fans.

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