Jan 17, 2022
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Alexander Rogov explained why Nastya Ivleeva’s show “King Cobras” is not popular

Nastya Ivleeva is advancing on all fronts, she broadcasts, she makes chips, and now she also does her own transvestite show “King Cobras”. But, as practice shows, it is impossible to do everything at the highest level.

So, more than 5 million people have subscribed to the YouTube channel with “cobras”, however, the releases are gaining only a couple of hundred thousand views. The indicator is very weak, for a 5 million audience.

Alexander Rogov explained why Nastya Ivleeva's show

According to stylist Alexander Rogov, before the launch of the performances, Ivleeva turned to them for advice. The fashionista is fond of this topic, so he could give sensible comments, but the popular blogger did not take them into account. Now “King Cobras” does not collect views. Rogov is sure that Nastya approached the organization superficially, and the audience sees this.

“I love the aesthetics of Drag, I liked that Nastya Ivleeva turned to this and is now making King Cobras. She wrote to me herself, if I could meet with her and tell her what I think. It was interesting that Nastya called. I expressed a couple of doubts – unfortunately, she did not take them into account. I agree with the critics that part of this show performed by Nastya looks like a speculation on the artists, because only one side of the coin is shown. If I were the producers, before launching this project, I would release a short film, why Nastya is doing this show, there should be depth. I didn’t have enough explanation why she decided to take it on,” says Alexander.

Meanwhile, Ivleeva, of course, declares the success of all her projects, which is very controversial. For example, the network has a lot of conflicting reviews about its chips. Even famous colleagues preferred not to eat them, but to re-gift them.

Alexander Rogov explained why Nastya Ivleeva's show

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