Jan 31, 2021
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Alexander Petrov’s mother urged everyone to pray for his father’s health

15:00, 01/31/2021

The artist’s parent is sick.

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Alexander Petrov is one of the most demanded actors in modern cinema. He often speaks with journalists about his roles or personal life. However, today the reason for which Petrov was in the center of media attention is very sad. As Alexander’s mother said, his father had health problems.

In his microblog on Instagram Alevtina Anatolyevna called the spouse Andrey Genrikhovich fight and live for her. True, she did not share the details of what was happening. However, Alevtina Anatolyevna agreed to talk to media representatives.

The journalists immediately asked Petrov’s mother if everything was fine with her husband. “No,” the parent of the actor answered in monosyllables. At the same time Alevtina Anatolyevna called on everyone to pray for the health of Andrei Genrikhovich. Note that Alexander Petrov himself has not yet commented on his mother’s statement.

Alexander Petrov’s mother urged everyone to pray for the health of the actor’s father

Note that Alexander Petrov was born into the simplest family. His parents were not associated with creativity. So, Alevtina Anatolyevna worked as a nurse, and Andrey Genrikhovich worked as an electrician. By the way, they did not immediately support their son in his desire to become an actor. According to “StarHit”, they predicted Alexander’s career as an economist. And although Petrov himself first listened to the opinion of his parents, in particular his father, in the end he still ended up on the stage.

Recall that the filmography of 32-year-old Alexander Petrov already has more than 60 projects. Last year, he could be seen in the sequel to the sports drama Ice 2, the Streltsov film, as well as in the second season of the Method series and in the extended version of the Text. Petrov’s acting talent is recognized even by his senior colleagues. So, in early January, Oleg Menshikov said that he admired Alexander’s game.

Still from “Gogol” with Alexander Petrov and Oleg Menshikov

“He’s a good artist. I don’t think this is bad. Then, it is far from being the same everywhere. I am not a supporter of theater or cinema, the so-called “dressing up”, endless make-up. I do not like it. I am interested in the figure, personality. Sasha has it, “the artist summed up in a photo interview on the YouTube show. “Georgy Behind the Scene”… By the way, Menshikov and Petrov played together in Gogol.

We add that in the personal life of Alexander Petrov, everything is also fine. He meets with his colleague Stasya Miloslavskaya. The couple’s relationship became known in July 2019. For the first time they were noticed at the show # REBORN in Nizhny Novgorod. Then the lovers attended a special screening of the film “Give Me Liberty”, but they flatly refused to pose for the photographers. After Petrov came to support his beloved at the premiere of the film “Bull”. Already at the end of 2019, the couple stopped hiding the novel: the actors openly confessed their love to each other in their microblogs on Instagram. In February last year, at the secular premiere of the film “Ice 2”, Petrov from the stage announced his feelings for Miloslavskaya, which caused the audience’s delight and thunderous applause.

Alexander Petrov and Stasya Miloslavskaya

It is noteworthy that Miloslavskaya last year complained about the fans of her lover. The actress complained that Petrov’s fans, for some unknown reason, dislike her. As it turned out, many admirers of Alexander are sure that his chosen one is simply promoting the name of her star chosen one.

Stasya Miloslavskaya in an exclusive video interview “Around TV”

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