Dec 30, 2020
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Alexander Petrov told how he reacts to criticism from directors

13:15, 12/29/2020

The actor only listens to some filmmakers.

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Alexander Petrov continues to maintain the status of one of the most demanded artists in Russian cinema. The 31-year-old actor has worked with many directors. But he is ready to listen to only some of them and accept their criticism.

Alexander admitted that only a few people can “walk on it with a tank”. “Probably, I will allow Klim Shipenko and Zhora Kryzhovnikov to do this. In a personal private conversation, they can tell me everything they think about the movie that I had and about me, ”said Petrov.

Alexander Petrov and Klim Shipenko

Alexander singled out Fyodor Bondarchuk separately. “It’s a separate planet altogether. He can drive a tank or anything. I am so happy that life brought him together. I never thought that I would be friends with such a person. A large-scale guy ”, – said the actor. In addition, the performer of the role in the TV series “Gogol” noted that he listens to Oleg Menshikov. The actor admitted that at some difficult moments in life he can just see Menshikov and he will immediately “heal”.

Petrov said that at the moments when the listed people speak about him and his work, he does not hurt. The actor perceives such criticism as taking care of himself. “When a person loves you and wants to say something that they won’t tell you,” the artist emphasized.

Alexander Petrov and Oleg Menshikov

Alexander noted that in the near future he does not plan to leave the mainstream cinema, as he has not “had enough” of them yet. “When the party is going well, everything is super cool, but at one point you have to understand when it will move to another category. And before this discharge you have to leave. This is not necessary: ​​it will not be remembered and will spoil your impression of it, “Petrov said. According to him, he has not played many roles yet, he has many desires and roles that he dreams of. Chief among them is international cinema with amazing drama.

Alena Doletskaya and Alexander Petrov

Alexander spoke about the personal. The actor admitted that he likes to be recognized on the street. In addition, Petrov told how they spent the spring self-isolation with Stasya Miloslavskaya. “It was an amazing time when you are enjoying a person, and he is enjoying you. We walked and played basketball. Thank you, the universe, for having this opportunity. We went to the store, sat, watched movies, drank wine, talked around the fire. We didn’t go anywhere, but it was great for us, “Petrov said during an interview with Alena Doletskaya in the YouTube project. “Make up your mind”

Recall that Alexander and Stasya met on the set of the film “Streltsov” and muddied the novel last year. Prior to that, Petrov met with actress Irina Starshenbaum, with whom they broke up in June 2019. However, two years before that, they announced their engagement.

Alexander Petrov and Stasya Miloslavskaya

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