Oct 28, 2021
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Alexander Petrov spoke about a career in Hollywood


Actor Alexander Petrov does not hide his ambitions.

Thoughts about Hollywood sooner or later overtake almost all artists. Someone goes to the United States, but returns with nothing, and someone does not risk opening a new page of their biography. But only a few manage to conquer the Western public.

Alexander Petrov has repeatedly stated that he is considering options for entering the international level. Several years ago, he starred in Luc Besson’s film Anna, but only appeared in an episode. Now the artist has played in the Greek film “Man of God” with Mickey Rourke.

I have long wanted to play a full-fledged role in English, that is, not as usual: a typical Russian spy, a villain or something like that. And so it happened. Everything came together here. First, the script. This is not some kind of C-comedy for the American or international market, but serious cinema. Secondly, I was attracted by the story. This is not another action-packed blockbuster. And, finally, it was curious, of course, to meet Mickey Rourke, what is there to hide. There is in this, it seems to me, something from childhood“, – the actor admitted.

Alexander Petrov
Alexander Petrov

Now Alexander often records samples in English. He is looking for new ways to enter the international arena, but does not want to limit himself to the endless roles of Russian gangsters in Hollywood blockbusters. “If you are in demand here, in Russia, it is rather strange to give up everything, leave and start from scratch in an unfamiliar country with strangers. Even if you have established contacts and connections with Hollywood directors, producers and agents, this does not guarantee success. Therefore, I will not go this way, it is better to bypass. Shooting episodes of some kind of nonsense in the hope that someone will notice you in Hollywood is not my choice.“, – said Petrov.

In Russia, Alexander remains one of the most popular actors. Recently, he has slightly reduced his creative activity, but this does not mean that Petrov is tired of the profession. On the contrary, the artist is sure that he can still surprise the audience.

In an interview with SRSLY, the artist admitted that he loves to challenge himself and experiment. In the future, he intends to follow the chosen course, believing that sooner or later this road will lead him to success.

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