Oct 12, 2020
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Alexander Petrov lost his favorite role

Alexander Petrov lost his favorite role

Actor Alexander Petrov spoke about a new stage in life.

The artist turned over the page of his life, which turned out to be significant and very important for him. He will no longer appear on the stage in the production of Hamlet.

"7 years. 135 performances. When I came to Yermolova's theater, I immediately realized that this was my home. I have always resisted this word. I didn't like this word. What does “home” mean? The house is the house, and the theater is the theater, but something inside told me that it would be exactly the same, which I opposed.

Hamlet stands apart in my life. I grew, developed, and Hamlet walked with me in parallel, as if watching me, each performance was a test, for conscience, sincerity and honesty. Apparently he survived. We closed the performance, in fact, at the very peak, when each region is ready to accept us, how many cities we have traveled ... How many impressions and experience I got ... I really love the phrase: "You need to leave when you want to stay."

Alexander Petrov
Alexander Petrov

I am grateful to the theater, all the artists, all the shops, Oleg Evgenievich Menshikov for his faith and trust!
I am grateful to everyone for the experiment at the last performances, I will post the video soon, as we edit it.
Thanks to your dreamteam for the incredible responsiveness, you won again.

It so happened that while I do not have performances at the Yermolova Theater, but this is a powerful incentive to release new ones. I am sure it will happen very soon, I really want it.

This is the first time I am writing this, but suddenly. Maybe you have ideas for material that can be staged in the theater, it can be a comedy, a tragedy, it doesn't matter. What amazed you, what did you read, plays, prose. Write in the comments! I will read and think! If your idea comes true, believe me, you will have many bonuses at the Yermolova Theater and, of course, there will be gifts!", Said Petrov.

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