Nov 6, 2022
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Alexander Peskov steals from his director


Artist Alexander Peskov admitted that he was on the verge of survival.

The famous parodist Alexander Peskov admitted that his director is in charge of all finances. The artist said that often he does not even have money for bread.

I have a glass at home, and the director leaves 1,000 rubles there just in case. And I quietly get out of there“, – he said in the show “Secret in a Million”.

Alexander Peskov - photo from the archive -
Alexander Peskov – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

Peskov also noted that the pandemic had a negative impact on his financial situation. The bank, fortunately, gave him credit holidays, otherwise he could be left without an apartment.

Another artist sends money to his mother.

What for?”- Kudryavtseva was surprised.

To survive“, – said the parodist.

As it turned out, Peskov gives private lessons, receiving 10-15 thousand a month.

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