Nov 7, 2022
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Alexander Peskov sang in diapers


Artist Alexander Peskov spoke about his problem.

A few years ago, parodist Alexander Peskov underwent a complex operation on the pancreas. He ended up in intensive care with acute pancreatitis. Surgeons cut out a cyst for the artist: the operation lasted six hours.

Immediately after the surgery, the humorist went on tour, refusing rehabilitation. And because the artist had to face the severe consequences of the postoperative period. All concerns about Peskov were taken over by his concert director: he quickly learned to cope with dressings.

Alksandr Peskov - photo from the archive -
Alexander Peskov – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

For about an hour he treated my wounds, the doctors taught him. He knew what medicines were needed. Three packages were diapers, dressings. I performed in diapers – no one knew about it. I had my first concert, I don’t remember the city … I was already ready to go on stage, but my body was naughty, or rather, a naughty postoperative wound. And whatever you have comes out. Changed tights before the concert, delayed for 30 minutes. But the public didn’t know about it”, — the parodist shared his memories.

Now Alexander Valeryanovich has hard times. Since the beginning of the pandemic, the artist’s concert activity has been upset.

Now he has to pay a mortgage for a two-room apartment in Moscow where he lives. Peskov owes another half of the cost of housing to the Bank, but last year, due to lack of funds, he had to take credit holidays.

They save private lessons, for which Alexander Valeryanovich takes 10-15 thousand rubles and material assistance from a 91-year-old mother.

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