Apr 5, 2021
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Alexander Panayotov spoke about the difficulties at the show “Just the same”

The popular Russian performer Alexander Panayotov spoke about his impressions after participating in the show “Just the same”, remembering how long he did not dare to remember.

Alexander Panayotov spoke about the difficulties at the show

Innumerable one, he refused offers to participate in this project, but in the end he still agreed. This was also facilitated by the fact that his friend Maria Zaitseva was among the contestants.

It wasn’t so long ago that Alexander chatted that he felt anxious when he performed in the guise of Sofia Rotaru. He added that he wore a bulky wig for several hours and at the same time was dressed in a foam rubber body.

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Panayotov said that tons of plastic makeup is applied to the face, and if the singer shows an absolute character, then they also wear a foam body. It is impossible to go to the toilet, it is also impossible to eat and drink, and if you open your mouth wide, then the makeup can crawl, the performer noted.

However, despite all the difficulties, Alexander liked to act in the image of Sofia Rotaru. He said that he was the only uncle who disguised himself as a woman among the participants. It was going to be an entertaining experiment for him.

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