Dec 30, 2020
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Alexander Oleshko, Igor Nikolaev and other stars honored the memory of fashion designer Pierre Cardin

07:15, 12/30/2020

The artists published joint photos with the French couturier, sharing their memories of him.

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Yesterday, December 29, at the age of 98, a French fashion designer died in a hospital in the suburbs of Paris Pierre Cardin. Relatives of the couturier reported the sad news. The cause of death and the date of the funeral are not yet known. It is worth noting that Cardin was very fond of visiting Russia, and was also friends and collaborated with Soviet and Russian artists. Thus, the couturier created costumes for Maya Plisetskaya for the ballets “Lady with a Dog”, “Anna Karenina”, “The Seagull”.

Maya Plisetskaya with Pierre Cardin

The stars of Russian show business decided to honor the memory of the deceased Pierre Cardin on social networks. The artists who knew him during his lifetime published joint photos with the French couturier, sharing their memories of him. Among the stellar revelations were quite unexpected ones. So, Igor Nikolaev from the bottom of his heart thanked Cardin for the “swanky parties until morning” and remembered how he and the fashion designer wandered around the night Paris and sang songs.

Igor Nikolaev with Pierre Cardin

“Thank you for your hospitality in Paris, for the unrestrained fun and frivolous parties until the morning with you in your legendary restaurant“ Maxim ”, where I played on the very piano, to which Edith Piaf sang, for the opportunity to perform on the stage of your unique Parisian theater , for how deliciously you and I ate herring with potatoes with vodka (how surprised I was that you adore it!), and then walked around the night Paris and sang “Moscow Nights” … Farewell, Pierre. Thank you for your friendly attitude and wonderful memories that warm the soul. Eternal memory to the great couturier! ” – Nikolayev said in his publication, (the spelling and punctuation of the author hereinafter are given unchanged. – Prim. line.).

Evelina Khromtchenko told a touching story that in order to take her to the plane, Pierre Cardin threw his friend Alain Delon alone in an art gallery. The stylist recalled that she met Cardin when she organized and held a press conference on his arrival in Russia in honor of the opening of Maxim’s restaurant at the National Hotel. She was surprised by the master’s responsiveness and friendliness. A few years later, he and Cardin met in Paris, and he asked her to give a press conference for Alain Delon, whom he believed was not known in Russia.

Evelina Khromchenko and Pierre Cardin

“Monsieur Delon doesn’t need this, Maitre, everyone knows and loves him very well! – Delon was already smiling with obvious relief, – I really have to go to the plane, Mr. Cardin! ” “I told you, call me Pierre, – and imagine, Pierre Cardin (!) Threw Alain Delon (!!) and went to see me off (!!!):“ You must return to Paris as soon as possible, we need to seriously talk! ”… Then it was not customary to take pictures with phones at every step, but I will forever keep this picture in my heart. On the half-empty Faubourg Saint-Honoré there is a door, behind its high vertical the face of Pierre Cardin and his hand raised up. He waves to me. Goodbye … ”- Khromchenko remembered, backing up the touching text with a photograph in the company of Cardin.

Alexander Oleshko and Pierre Cardin

Actor Alexander Oleshko also honored the memory of Pierre Cardin. He published a joint photo and noted that he interviewed the master 16 years ago. “Pierre Cardin is gone … I had the honor of interviewing Red Couturier. That was 16 years ago … ”, – Alexander Oleshko became sad. Note that the Western world really called Cardin such a nickname – for his warm love for the Soviet Union and frequent trips there. In the late 1980s, the fashion designer established the production of his clothes in the USSR, and in 1991 he held his famous fashion show on Red Square.

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