Jun 22, 2022
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Alexander Nosik said that the series “Mukhtar” broke his career


Actor Alexander Nosik complained about his fate.

The series “Mukhtar” enjoyed great success with the viewer and was extended for as many as 12 seasons. The first owner of the service-search dog was played by Alexander Nosik. However, he left the project immediately after the second part, accusing the creators of unprofessionalism.

Alexander Nosik left the project in the early 2000s. The artist explains his decision by the low quality of the script material. The lead actor had to make changes to the script on his own so that the characters did not look flat.

I recently met with one of the authors. Him: “I actually wrote for you.” And here I was running around the site and shouting: “Give me this author! I’ll tear it up!” This is not a manifestation of star disease. You just come to the site, open the script and think: “Fucking louse, they even remember what they wrote in the previous scene“, – the actor was indignant.

Alexander Nosik - photo from the archive -
Alexander Nosik – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

However, Alexander was concerned not only with the creative part of the work. The star demanded that his fee be increased.

When they started talking about the third Mukhtar, I honestly said, either pay me a lot of money – because everyone who has already filmed bought an apartment in Moscow – either we make good material, or give me several roles in a different format. Because, when I came to the tests, I heard: “Don’t call Mukhtar, we won’t even try.” I was stuck on the teeth as a character, and I could no longer be filmed. Therefore, when he asked for a lot of money, he explained that no one would shoot for five years. I was told “no” on all counts“, – recalled the star.

As a result, Nosik was left not only without a role in the detective series, but also without big work in the cinema. “They stopped filming me. Generally. I was sometimes unknowingly called in for tests, and then they said “goodbye”, – complained 50-year-old Alexander in an interview with “Open, David!”.

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