Feb 23, 2021
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Alexander Maslyakov, who earned 500 million rubles a year, topped the rating of Russian TV presenters in terms of annual income

17:27, 23.02.2021

It became known how much the founder of KVN receives.

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The richest TV presenter in Russia was the founder of KVN Alexander Maslyakov. His annual earnings amounted to approximately 500 million rubles a year. Maslyakov receives such an impressive amount only for filming new KVN issues.

Also, Margarita Simonyan, Andrei Malakhov and Vladimir Soloviev were in the first places in the rating of the highest paid Russian TV journalists. Simonyan took the second line of the top. She earns about 250 million rubles a year. Artem Sheinin, the host of the show Vremya Pokazhet (Vremya Pokazhet), closed the top three, receiving about 100 million rubles a year.

Alexander Maslyakov resigned from the post of director of the

Alexander Maslyakov earned 500 million in a year

They are followed by Andrei Malakhov, who hosts his show on the Russia 1 TV channel. For his work, he receives about 90 million rubles. Malakhov also has his own online publication, which also generates income. Closed the top five highest paid Russian TV journalists Vladimir Solovyov, with an income of 52 million rubles, specifies the portal “How much does he get.”

Andrey Malakhov ranked fourth in the rating of Russian TV presenters in terms of annual income

It is worth noting that the permanent host of KVN Alexander Maslyakov took office in 1964 and has never left him since. However, there is a lot of criticism about the Maslyakov family. So, back in early 2020, information appeared for the first time in a number of media outlets that, thanks to the popular game, Alexander Vasilyevich was receiving a solid income.

It turned out that members of KVN teams do not receive any money for their performances, moreover, they still have to pay membership fees for participating in games and attract sponsors for their team. However, aspiring artists agree to these requirements, because they are given the opportunity to get on TV and be remembered by the audience. As for Maslyakov himself, only on contributions collected within all KVN leagues in one season, his company manages to earn more than 200 thousand dollars. In addition, the presenter of the humorous program makes a certain profit after the annual festival in Sochi, as well as from the sale of edited editions to Channel One. According to Maslyakov’s colleague and permanent member of the KVN jury, Yuliy Gusman, Alexander Vasilyevich has earned his financial success.

Alexander Maslyakov in KVN

We add that in November last year, a number of media outlets disseminated information that the KVN program, which has been released since 1961, will no longer appear on screens. Allegedly, the company organizing the Higher League of KVN will be closed due to lack of profit. However, Alexander Maslyakov denied these rumors. According to Maslyakov, KVN is not going to close, the project lives on and continues to air. The TV presenter noted that just someone wishful thinking.

Recall that on June 15, 2020, “Children’s KVN” was released, in which young comedians present their best musical numbers and comedy scenes. To get into the project, 1,500 participants and 150 teams were selected at the International Festival of Children’s KVN Teams in Anapa. According to the results of the competition, 36 best teams took part in the CTC program. Mikhail Galustyan became the host of the project.

Shot from the filming of the show “Children’s KVN”

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